Ariana Grande MAC Review


Ariana Grande’s lipstick and lip gloss for Viva Glam. The minute I heard about it, I had to get it. During that time I was in love with dark shades so this was perfect. I’ve had these products for a few months now, I can now tell you my true and honest review.

I like MAC lipsticks, but some of them are not that great. This lipstick particularly was not that great. But only for one reason, it was really stiff and hard to apply. My Miley Cyrus lipstick went on very smooth. Anyway, the color is amazing. A dark maroon color, but it fades pretty quickly. I would not wear this all the time because it’s too dark.

I was never really a fan of lip glosses from MAC, they tend to get very sticky and messy. This lip gloss is sticky and messy, but the color is very pretty. Its alight pink with a little shimmer to it. It’s a great color for a “Good Girl” look.

Ariana Grande Viva Glam

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.


Miley Cyrus Viva Glam


i know this isn’t the recent celebrity line for MAC, but i just had to tell you guys about these lipstick and lip gloss. i wasn’t really expecting much from those, because i’m  not a big fan of MAC, but i fell in love with these.


so first up the lipstick. guys, omg. this thing is so smooth, i don’t know if its because it was in my carry on bag the entire vacation or what, but this stuff is amazing. i usually don’t go for pink lipsticks, but this one is actually amazing. it has that creamy texture to it. the color is pink but going to the dark side. not a dark pink, kinda like hot pink.


the lip gloss is like all the other MAC lip glosses, its sticky and messy (in my opinion), but this color is amazing. it kinda as well like hot pink, but more on the lighter side. it has glitter to it which i think is great, but its hard to get rid off all at once. this is amazing with the lipstick. it adds that shine to it.

miley cyrus viva glam

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.