Vanity Tour (Part 2)


i recently did a vanity tour (part 1) and i told you guys it’s going to be divided in parts, there is also one part which i will upload next week.


this is the desk area part, i usually just put my medicine on that part. at the top, i have a couple of pictures, some mints that i don’t take, and perfumes that don’t fit where i usually put them.


this first drawer is where i put things that i don’t know where to put. i have receipts and jewelry packages, and random stuff.


this is also another drawer where i put things where i don’t know where to put. i have gifts that i got for my birthday, a lot of lip balms, small perfumes, and elastics.


and then the middle one is where i put all my headbands, from aeropostale, or disney, or target. i might do a post dedicated to just headbands. what do you think?


the last drawer is where i put my flat iron and hair dryer, i have talked about them a few weeks back. if you want to check out the post, click here.

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Vanity Tour (Part 1)


i never thought i would do vanity tour, because it’s pretty hard if you think about it. you just have so much stuff to share and a cluster and a mess, but i gained my confidence and i did it. this vanity tour is going to be three parts, because this is too big for just one post.


first up is the desk, i usually put the book i’m reading on this side, closer to my bed. i have this small gold ring holder, and i just place any jewelry that i wear a lot. on top the drawer, there are two ring holders, both from target. and then i have this microphone which  i git from bed bath and beyond.


so this drawer contains things that i would usually put in my purse. other than the harmonica. i have my wallet, hand sanitizer, more wallets, portable chargers, receipts and wire holders (?).


so the first drawer, at the bottom of the desk area is a small one. it just contains nail filers, random mirrors, a mood ring, and old tickets. and this brush for a doll.


the middle drawer is quite bigger than the first two drawers, it just has a lot of bags. those bags are great for storing makeup, skincare, jewelry and any other small pieces. i also have programs for shows that my school makes and random cards.


and then the last drawer, the biggest of them all, is the drawer that i like to call, “i don’t want to throw it away but i don’t know where to put it”. this has quite some things, empyty perfume bottles that i like, empty sun glass boxes, perfumes that don’t work at all. i also have some fake glasses, and just some weird sunglasses. so it has some things, and i have a french hat. (don’t know what it’s called)

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the first part of this tour. all the love.