Makeup Must Haves


A beginner or not, I feel like these types of posts are really helpful. Either they give you a head start on what makeup products to buy, or just simply if you’re looking for something new or interesting. This post will consist of products that I think not only will make your makeup look better, but also help it last longer. So without further ado, let’s just get into this post.



Lid primers are definitely something you need to add on to your makeup routine. The first few days I did my makeup without any primer was a total nightmare. My eyeshadow would be a complete mess, my eyeshadows won’t blend in properly and the pigmentation that the makeup brand promises does not show any effect. You can either just use the lid primer and go straight to eyeshadow, or what I like to do is to set it using any light shade eyeshadow and this will help to make eyeshadow blending much easier and faster.

Smashbox Lid Primer



I would use my  beauty blender like a crazy woman when trying to blend in my lid primer. I would just stab my lid which results in hurting my eyeball, and it would leave streaks and it did just did not look good at all. I was so fed up with hurting my eyeballs that I just took my foundation brush and used it. This technique changed my life completely. It left off a smooth finish to my lids, and it was soft. Even though this is a foundation brush, it will help to blend in any cream products giving a perfect finish look.

Kat Von D Foundation Brush #10



If you don’t like liquid foundation or any foundation in a bottle really, then this product is targeting you. We’ve been across compact powders, which is basically powder that is compacted. A lot of you guys might be wondering, powders can barely have enough coverage. I though the same thing, but we thought wrong. This Smashbox powder gives you enough coverage, not too much, just enough. It helps to give off that natural look, making sure not to cover everything, because what’s natural in that? And sometimes i just like to use this to set anything really.

Smashbox Compact Foundation Powder



Speaking of setting powders, I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have heard great reviews about the Laura Mercier setting powder and so on and so forth. So I’m not going to go into too much detail, because we all know that it does it’s job and it’s great and everyone needs it. But this powder really does brighten up my face, my face goes from dead to alive in two seconds, well technically 5 minutes. Gotta love baking you know?

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder



I know you’re all probably over the powder products but I promise you that this is the last one. Blush is important, whether you’re going for a natural look or a night out look, you need blush. Not only are the blushes just so pretty, but it will give color to your face. That’s all I have to say about blushes.

NARS Orgasm Blush



As promised, we’re over the powder products. It’s time for some more eye products. If you have small eyes, then you would know the struggle of trying to figure out how to make them look bigger. Searching high and low on Youtube until beauty gurus start saying to use a white color for your water line. I did exactly that but I saw no result whatsoever. I decided to try out a black one, I finally realized what I was missing in my makeup look. So if you still have not tried it out, then get your hands on it or something similar.

Tarte Lash Liner



Last but certainly not least, eye liner. Just like I said before about how those products complete the look, this is the same thing. If you were to compare last month’s winged eyeliner to today, then you would see a drastic change. And all thanks to this eye liner, this eye liner is great for beginners. I have tried multiple eyeliners, but this one is the best. It glides on very easily, and doesn’t move around. So if you have shaky hands, like me, then this eyeliner is perfect for you.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner



Origins Haul


The last few posts have  been just about Reviews and Hauls and I’m so sorry but there are just so many products that I want to try out and show you guys. I got the Origin products from the original store and not from Sephora.

These are pretty expensive products but hopefully they are worth every penny. And without further ado, let’s get on to this haul.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I have been looking for some hair masks because I have never actually tried out any, so I decided on trying out this one. What caught my eye was that it says to leave it in for 2 minutes, and most masks should be left in for 30 minutes.

It promises to comfort and condition your hair, so that should be interesting. I’ve been buying some other hair products which are mentioned in my Instagram if you want to check that out. (@thechicommunity)

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You know that I’m always on the hunt for some new face wash or cleansers, and Origins is pretty famous for that and some of it’s masks. I got the ‘Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash’. It looked interesting and simple and that was good for me.

In two weeks I’ll update you guys on how these products turned out to be and if they’re worth it.

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The last thing I got was this ‘Dark Circle Minimizer’, my dark circles are not that serious but I’d much rather just get rid of them, and this looks promising. It has this mustard color that actually shocked me because usually my eye creams are mostly white.

I have high hopes for this so hopefully it will turn out great.

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The person that was helping me was really nice and decided to give me some samples since she knew it was my first time here. She gave me an ‘Energy boosting moisturizer’ which is perfect for using once you wake up. It will help to depuff your eyes and all that fun stuff.

She also gave me another moisturizer which has SPF 45, it is Summer and I usually don’t get sun burned so I might give this to my mom since she was more excited about it than I was. (I’ll get updates from her!)

These were the things that I got, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Product Empties

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.38.30 AM.png

I have not been posting as much lately because, well it’s not a great excuse but I have been catching up on Modern Family, figuring out dates for New Girl season 6 (September 20) and trying to catch up on Baby Daddy. (Finished season 2 five minutes ago) And plus I have a stupid summer assignment for my AP class, so woop te doo. Enough rambling let’s go on to the post.

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3/4 of these products I have bought about 20 times, and the 4th one I have tried and I loved it. First up is the Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes, I have talked about this in my Lazy Skincare Routine and it’s pretty convenient. They’re basically small wipes that do the job for you when you’re lazy. Get rid of makeup or excess oils. Definitely buying this again.

Next up is the Secret Deodorant, I have been using this specific one for about two or three years now. I especially like the clear gel one because it’s annoying when you look at the sides of your shirt and there are white stains. So these are pretty good. Definitely buying this again.

Third thing is the Neutrogena face wash in grapefruit. If you are the oily skin type then try this out for a simple not complicated skincare routine. It does the job of getting rid of the excess oils, but not a huge fan of the scent. Since it’s good for oily skin, then obviously it’s oil free. Definitely buying this again.

Lastly is the sample sized body wash from Soap and Glory, Clean on Me. I have talked about this in a previous post, Soap and Glory Review so I won’t be talking about it as much. If I were to see this product, I would buy it, but I won’t look for it.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Products I Regret Buying

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Hey guys! How are you?

Don’t get me wrong, I love almost all the products that I buy, but there are some products where I just dislike. The products that I usually buy have been recommended to me, and I all of a sudden have high expectation for it. These are some products that did not work out for me.

As you can see I only have three products that I did not like, I usually buy products that a lot of people have been talking about, but anyway let’s get started. One of the many reasons that I bough Smooth Sexy Hair was because of the packaging and the name. I was like, hell yes I want smooth sexy hair, but it was the opposite of that. My hair is already dry, and this product somehow made it even dryer. It made my hair stiff and it felt like I washed my hair with hair spray. I had to use the whole bottle because it was so light, I felt like it was evaporating from my hand. The conditioner, I guess it was fine but it could have been better.

The next thing I have is this hand cream from Bath and Body works. This is the true blue mini, the packaging is cute. Especially for the summer, it just gave me those vibes. It was not that great. What annoys me the most is that it did it’s job. My hands were soft and I was ready to go, but the smell could have been better. The first few seconds it smelt like vanilla then it all of a sudden smells like silicone. Plastic, something along those lines. I would put it on, but the smell just annoys me.

Have you tried these products? Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

Miley Cyrus Viva Glam


i know this isn’t the recent celebrity line for MAC, but i just had to tell you guys about these lipstick and lip gloss. i wasn’t really expecting much from those, because i’m  not a big fan of MAC, but i fell in love with these.


so first up the lipstick. guys, omg. this thing is so smooth, i don’t know if its because it was in my carry on bag the entire vacation or what, but this stuff is amazing. i usually don’t go for pink lipsticks, but this one is actually amazing. it has that creamy texture to it. the color is pink but going to the dark side. not a dark pink, kinda like hot pink.


the lip gloss is like all the other MAC lip glosses, its sticky and messy (in my opinion), but this color is amazing. it kinda as well like hot pink, but more on the lighter side. it has glitter to it which i think is great, but its hard to get rid off all at once. this is amazing with the lipstick. it adds that shine to it.

miley cyrus viva glam

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Sugar VS Lush


lip scrubs are probably one of the most important things in life, (i exaggerated a little bit) but they truly are. i feel like my number one tip before adding on lipstick is scrubbing your lips with your choice of a lip scrub. (i’m sorry, i didn’t know how to word that.) the main question is, what is the best lip scrub out there? i have two favorites, but i realized that one is better than the other.


i think we are all familiar with lush’s edible lip scrub. not all lip scrubs are edible, but lush saved our life by making it edible. this product does have its pros and cons.


  • it does its job. it will leave your lips very smooth, and ready for it to be moisturized.
  • it makes your life easier, once you are done with it, a lot of product will still remain on your lips, so instead of wiping it off, just lick it. i have stopped myself from not taking a spoon and just eating it all.
  • the packaging is adorable, the color is very pretty.


  • it goes everywhere. when you’re using it, it will go everywhere, on your lap and on your desk or vanity.
  • it’s hard to hold on to it. what i mean is, it’s hard to pick up and put it on your lips before it goes everywhere. they’re not all stuck together.


now the sugar one, i never really knew the brand sugar, until summer last year. i was just looking through sephora and i see the lip scrubs and all the lipsticks and stuff. i have seen youtubers and bloggers talk about this lip scrub, so i decided to try it out myself. i fell in love.


  • it’s very soft on the lips. it’s not very rough like other lip scrubs.
  • you can pick it up very easily. this is literally the opposite from the lush one, they are all stuck together, so it’s easy to pick up and put it on your lips.
  • it’s not messy, again opposite lush, this one is not messy at all. you just use it, and wipe it off.


  • it’s not edible. unfortunately, you can’t just lick it off your lips.
  • as they say, “a little goes a long way”, if you put more than enough on your lips, it’s going to take while to take it off. so you have to put very little.


what is your favorite lip scrub? thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.


Product Empties


i feel like nowadays, it’s hard to empty out products. because literally everyday, new products are released. but i have a handful of products that i have emptied out, and caught myself repurchasing it over and over again. some of these products i have talked about, but i’ll still talk about them, just a brief description.



so these first three. i have talked about all these three in different posts. okay so first is the neutrogena face wash, it is oil free which is great. it leaves your face fresh and it helps to get rid of excess oils. i talk more about it in my night skincare routine. next is the clean and clear acne spot treatment. this product i swear by it. if i run out, i buy 5 of these. it’s amazing. i mention it also in my night skincare routine. lastly, these sephora express cleansing wipes. if i am ever in a hurry, or don’t have makeup wipes, or i just don’t feel like washing my face, i’ll use these wipes. they’re amazing for basically everything. i go more into depth about this product in my lazy skincare routine.



next are these oil blotting sheets from sephora. these are life savors, especially during the summer or on an airplane. i always have these in hand, if i don’t, all hell breaks lose. but seriously these are amazing. next is my dark angels face/body cleanser from lush, i’m not really going to say much about it other than it’s amazing. i have talked about this for ages, you can check it out in my lush collection. and then the pillow mist from bath and body works. i always spray this before i go to sleep. especially during those stressful days. it helps to calm my mind before i go to sleep. (more details about it in this post.



now for the last two products that i have never talked about in my blog. gum and deodorant. gum is an essential, i need it everywhere i go. i always have a pile of these packs in my room, because i run our of these gums very fast. next is my deodorant. this stuff is amazing. i have been using this kind of deodorant since forever. it is clear, so you don’t need to worry about white stains on your shirt. there are different scents. i always buy about 50 of those in target, so i can take it back to kuwait with me. i don’t think they have it in kuwait, but definitely in target.

so these are all the products that i have successfully emptied out, and that i still repurchase them. thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.