Night Skincare Routine


i recently did a morning skincare routine, and two of the products that are shown above, the tea tree water and the clean and clear moisturizer, have  been explained in that post. so if you want a brief explanation of those products, check that post out. also, i have mentioned the dark angels from lush in a post a while back.


if during that day, my skin was not that oily, i would use this neutrogena face wash instead of the lush’s dark angel one. this has a great scent to it, and it will leave your face refreshed. it is oil free and helps to get rid of excess oils. once i’m done with that, i will spray some of my tea tree water on my face and let it dry.


after i have added on my clean and clear moisturizer, i will add this eye cream from bare minerals. i don’t really need it but i just like how it feels like under my eyes and on my eyelids. it’s very soothing.

IMG_1114 (1)

next i apply the clean and clear acne spot treatment on my zits or pimples. this stuff is amazing, i use this daily and around 2 or 3 days, my zit is gone. it is such an amazing product and i just love it so much. i definitely recommend it when those unnecessary mountains decided to grow on your face.

so this is my night skincare routine, what’s your favorite product in your night skincare routine? thank you for reading. all the love.