Fresh Farmacy Review


I am finally publishing the long, overdue review for Fresh Farmacy. I promised you guys a review, and here it is. It’s been a while since I checked this blog, but it’s because I’ve been traveling, I’m in Orlando! I’m thinking of doing travel diaries, or posts after Ramadan, and to show you places to go to when in Orlando.

I’ve been shopping a lot at Target and Ulta, so if you want a a general beauty haul I can definitely do that. Without further ado, let’s get on to this review.

Fresh Farmacy is a bar of soap, meant for your face (and I think your body as well) it is great if you have sensitive oily skin. You basically do what you would do if it was just a bar of soap, you just wash it on your hands until you get suds then scrub it all over your face. I suggest only using this only once or twice a week.

When you wash it off your face, it will feel like as though there are no oils whatsoever. If you have ever tried this soap bars in hotels, some of them feel weird afterwards. You can’t really rub your hands together, or if you go through your hair with your hands it won’t be smooth. Anyway, that’s how your face will feel.

This is definitely something I would recommend for oily skin people, it is such an amazing product if you are looking for new ways to get rid of the horrible oils on your skin.

If you have any products I should try out, please tell me about them. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Mini Lush Haul

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A couple of days ago I read a blog post by Lushtivity, and she was talking about this specific product called Fresh Farmacy and how it’s amazing for sensitive oily skin. I have been looking for new things since I’m kinda bored from my routine, so I decided to go and get it.

I found other things while I was shopping, and I have never bought Lush soaps before so I was like, “Why not?” I got some few soaps that smell amazing, I only have tried two though, but anyway these are the products.

I got the Rockstar soap which is probably the best thing I have ever bought, it smells stunning! It will leave your skin feeling very smooth and moisturized. The smell is beyond amazing, if you’re into girly/vanilla scent, then definitely try it out.

I also got the Sea Vegetable, I have yet to try it out, but the smell is amazing, I can’t describe what it is yet, but I’ll make sure to do so when I try it out.

I still have not tried out the Fresh Farmacy, but I really am looking forward to trying it out, so hopefully tonight I will.

They gave me a free sample of the Sultana of Soap, it has such a beautiful smell. It’s made of dried nuts and fruits incase you were wondering. I have tried it out and it also leaves my hands feeling very smooth and moisturized.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Sugar VS Lush


lip scrubs are probably one of the most important things in life, (i exaggerated a little bit) but they truly are. i feel like my number one tip before adding on lipstick is scrubbing your lips with your choice of a lip scrub. (i’m sorry, i didn’t know how to word that.) the main question is, what is the best lip scrub out there? i have two favorites, but i realized that one is better than the other.


i think we are all familiar with lush’s edible lip scrub. not all lip scrubs are edible, but lush saved our life by making it edible. this product does have its pros and cons.


  • it does its job. it will leave your lips very smooth, and ready for it to be moisturized.
  • it makes your life easier, once you are done with it, a lot of product will still remain on your lips, so instead of wiping it off, just lick it. i have stopped myself from not taking a spoon and just eating it all.
  • the packaging is adorable, the color is very pretty.


  • it goes everywhere. when you’re using it, it will go everywhere, on your lap and on your desk or vanity.
  • it’s hard to hold on to it. what i mean is, it’s hard to pick up and put it on your lips before it goes everywhere. they’re not all stuck together.


now the sugar one, i never really knew the brand sugar, until summer last year. i was just looking through sephora and i see the lip scrubs and all the lipsticks and stuff. i have seen youtubers and bloggers talk about this lip scrub, so i decided to try it out myself. i fell in love.


  • it’s very soft on the lips. it’s not very rough like other lip scrubs.
  • you can pick it up very easily. this is literally the opposite from the lush one, they are all stuck together, so it’s easy to pick up and put it on your lips.
  • it’s not messy, again opposite lush, this one is not messy at all. you just use it, and wipe it off.


  • it’s not edible. unfortunately, you can’t just lick it off your lips.
  • as they say, “a little goes a long way”, if you put more than enough on your lips, it’s going to take while to take it off. so you have to put very little.


what is your favorite lip scrub? thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.


Product Empties


i feel like nowadays, it’s hard to empty out products. because literally everyday, new products are released. but i have a handful of products that i have emptied out, and caught myself repurchasing it over and over again. some of these products i have talked about, but i’ll still talk about them, just a brief description.



so these first three. i have talked about all these three in different posts. okay so first is the neutrogena face wash, it is oil free which is great. it leaves your face fresh and it helps to get rid of excess oils. i talk more about it in my night skincare routine. next is the clean and clear acne spot treatment. this product i swear by it. if i run out, i buy 5 of these. it’s amazing. i mention it also in my night skincare routine. lastly, these sephora express cleansing wipes. if i am ever in a hurry, or don’t have makeup wipes, or i just don’t feel like washing my face, i’ll use these wipes. they’re amazing for basically everything. i go more into depth about this product in my lazy skincare routine.



next are these oil blotting sheets from sephora. these are life savors, especially during the summer or on an airplane. i always have these in hand, if i don’t, all hell breaks lose. but seriously these are amazing. next is my dark angels face/body cleanser from lush, i’m not really going to say much about it other than it’s amazing. i have talked about this for ages, you can check it out in my lush collection. and then the pillow mist from bath and body works. i always spray this before i go to sleep. especially during those stressful days. it helps to calm my mind before i go to sleep. (more details about it in this post.



now for the last two products that i have never talked about in my blog. gum and deodorant. gum is an essential, i need it everywhere i go. i always have a pile of these packs in my room, because i run our of these gums very fast. next is my deodorant. this stuff is amazing. i have been using this kind of deodorant since forever. it is clear, so you don’t need to worry about white stains on your shirt. there are different scents. i always buy about 50 of those in target, so i can take it back to kuwait with me. i don’t think they have it in kuwait, but definitely in target.

so these are all the products that i have successfully emptied out, and that i still repurchase them. thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Lazy Skincare Routine


i have recently posted my morning skincare routine, and my night skincare routine. you guys have been loving these posts so i decided to do my lazy skincare routine. we all have those lazy days where we just don’t want to do anything anymore. we just want to jump into bed. so i have been using this lazy skincare routine ever since if i ever have those lazy days.


i would usually start off with these express wipes from sephora. these help with makeup and basically everything. i use this to get rid of makeup and excess oils. it’s not as great as my face cleansers, but it will do on a lazy day.

sephora- express cleansing wipes


before i add on my moisturizer, i will spray some of my tea tree water which i talk about in my april favorites, i will let that dry and then moisturize my face. even though it says day care, i use this at night as well. it is a thick moisturizer, so i won’t suggest it if you have oily skin, especially during the summer. i use this only for dry parts on my face. (near my nose for example.)

so that is my lazy skincare routine, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Night Skincare Routine


i recently did a morning skincare routine, and two of the products that are shown above, the tea tree water and the clean and clear moisturizer, have  been explained in that post. so if you want a brief explanation of those products, check that post out. also, i have mentioned the dark angels from lush in a post a while back.


if during that day, my skin was not that oily, i would use this neutrogena face wash instead of the lush’s dark angel one. this has a great scent to it, and it will leave your face refreshed. it is oil free and helps to get rid of excess oils. once i’m done with that, i will spray some of my tea tree water on my face and let it dry.


after i have added on my clean and clear moisturizer, i will add this eye cream from bare minerals. i don’t really need it but i just like how it feels like under my eyes and on my eyelids. it’s very soothing.

IMG_1114 (1)

next i apply the clean and clear acne spot treatment on my zits or pimples. this stuff is amazing, i use this daily and around 2 or 3 days, my zit is gone. it is such an amazing product and i just love it so much. i definitely recommend it when those unnecessary mountains decided to grow on your face.

so this is my night skincare routine, what’s your favorite product in your night skincare routine? thank you for reading. all the love.

April Favorites


april is slowly going away, and may is coming up, which means summer is almost here. these are some of the thing that i have been obsessed with during april. i only took individual pictures on things that you guys might enjoy. lets get started.

i just really want to explain that my older beats headphones got ruined. i have had them for about 3 years. so one day, the wire some how got detangled with the fur of my chair for my vanity and i try to untangle it, so one thing led to another and i tore the wire. so all the small wires were sticking out and it was a mess. i once sat on them once and my dad fixed it.

moving on, i use this ted baker cute case as a pencil case for school. i was casually shopping for my friend’s gift and i saw that case and i died. i instantly fell in love. this was my first ted baker purchase ever.

my phone case, my phone is not in it because i had to somehow take a pic. (i dont have a fancy camera yet). anyway, my last case was just a hot mess and i really needed a new one so i went to kates spade and i found this adorable one. i some parts of it yesterday, i dropped it. oops.

next up is my chanel perfume, i got this last summer, but i was just using this perfume constantly, like every day. it has such a sweet smell, not too strong. just perfect.


this book, i just fell in love. it’s not really a book. basically it asks you questions everyday and you answer it. there is space for 5 years. so next year i will get the same exact questions and i get to see my last years answers. which is pretty fun. if you want to check it out, it’ll be right here.


i totally forgot to add this product in my lush collection (you can click right here if you want to check it out) but it is probably the best toner i have ever had in my entire life. it will literally wake you up. it’s so fresh i just can’t. if you want to try out this amazing product, click here.


this book is beyond amazing. at first i didn’t like it but then i slowly started to fall in love with it. i don’t want to say anything because i don’t want to spoil it for you, just incase you want to check it out. click right here.

this is the most beautiful lipstick on earth. it is a darker shade than what the picture is showing just because a flash was on. but it is such a beautiful dark shade. the lip liner is perfect as well. as for the lip gloss, its a very light baby pink,  which is very cute.

bare minerals- break away, right here. lip gloss- smooth talker, right here.

that’s all, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed this! all the love.