3 Ways To: Organize Your Lipsticks


welcome back to 3 ways to where every sunday i post a 3 ways to. previous 3 ways to was all about organizing your necklaces. check it out if you haven’t so already. for this post, it’s all about sorting your lipsticks.


so this first one is my favorite. it is a clear box, that’s divided into smaller boxes to store in all your lipsticks. i got this from amazon, there are multiple different sizes. what i like about it is that it’s showcasing your lipsticks. a lot of my lipsticks packaging are very beautiful, and i really want to show it off, so i think this is the best thing ever. it’s easy access as well.


if you are not a big fan of showing off your lipsticks, or you have no place to put them, just put them in a bag. it is as simple as that. you could get really cute bags, for example, i got this from henri bendel. i just put whatever in it and store it in a closet or a basket.


the simplest and cheapest way ever, is storing them in those ikea boxes. they’re very simple, and easy to use. i use this only for lip glosses or key chains. i would just throw these boxes in a drawer and i’m good to go.

how do you store your lipsticks? thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Miley Cyrus Viva Glam


i know this isn’t the recent celebrity line for MAC, but i just had to tell you guys about these lipstick and lip gloss. i wasn’t really expecting much from those, because i’m  not a big fan of MAC, but i fell in love with these.


so first up the lipstick. guys, omg. this thing is so smooth, i don’t know if its because it was in my carry on bag the entire vacation or what, but this stuff is amazing. i usually don’t go for pink lipsticks, but this one is actually amazing. it has that creamy texture to it. the color is pink but going to the dark side. not a dark pink, kinda like hot pink.


the lip gloss is like all the other MAC lip glosses, its sticky and messy (in my opinion), but this color is amazing. it kinda as well like hot pink, but more on the lighter side. it has glitter to it which i think is great, but its hard to get rid off all at once. this is amazing with the lipstick. it adds that shine to it.

miley cyrus viva glam

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Lime Crime


in my opinion, i think lime crime is the best place to get really dark lipstick shades, they have many different shades but the ones i will be showing you are all dark


the first one is this really just straightforward black liquid lipstick. it is matte so that’s great. this was actually my first ever black liquid lipstick, and i really like. i obviously don’t wear it around but once a while. it goes on very smoothly, but like other mattes, it dries up your lips. so i suggest lip scrub and lip balm before adding this.

lime crime- black velvet


so this next one is a very dark maroon color. same as the black velvet one, it goes on very smoothly but it dries up the lips. i would recommend this for a party or something because i feel like it’s such a dark shade that it’s not that comfortable to walk around with. (unless you are then go ahead.)

lime crime- wicked


this next one is a dark purple. this has to be my favorite out of all of them. the first time i tried them on, i couldn’t stop taking selfies! it just looked so good and it was beyond amazing. just like the others, it goes on smoothly, but dries up your lips.

lime crime- pansy (sorry, couldn’t find it online.)


now onto the lipsticks. this is my first ever black lipstick, it is the same color as the black velvet, but not matte. it goes on very smoothly. but if you want like a really dark black, you have to put on a lot of layers. the first layer is just like faint black.

lime crime- styletto


the last product for lime crime is this dark purple lipstick. similar to the pansy one, but it has a bit of shimmer to it. such a pretty color as well, and it does go on very smoothly.

lime crime- poisonberry

these are all my lime crime products. have you ever tried lime crime products? or would you ever try them out? thanks for reading. all the love.

How I Pack


lets just ignore the bag that i have had for 16 years now. but it’s a great one, and its still in great condition and hold everything perfectly. anyway, in this post i’m going to briefly show you what i pack and some tips that i have.

(this is not for traveling, every weekend i go to my beach house with my family)


as you can see, theres not a lot of stuff. i have experienced over packing, and not packing enough. i think i finally figured out what i need and don’t need.

i only bring outfits for friday and saturday, (i live in Kuwait so our weekends start on thursday instead of friday, start the week on sunday and not on monday). for the friday outfit, i know not a lot of my relatives are going to be there, other than my parents and my brothers, so i just wear casual and comfy outfit.

for this friday- an oversized sweater and black jeans.

i know that i will be seeing my relatives on saturday so i like to dress up a bit so i’m going to wear a pretty dress with a casual jacket.

as you can see on side, my jewelry is also limited. one for each outfit. the silver choker is just for around my family and myself. (i love to feel pretty for just myself sometimes)

i brought two sweaters that will act like my pjs, and one legging. one sweater for friday and one for saturday. i also bring bras and underwear but im not going to show you that because, i, myself feel uncomfortable taking a picture of it.

i don’t wear makeup, only for special occasions of course. but i love to wear lipsticks. so i just bring one lipstick and some makeup wipes of course. the one that i’m bringing is the nars one. (i’ve talked about this specific lipstick in my favorite lipsticks post.)

if an emergency were to happen, i have extra clothes at my beach house so its all good. my face wash and moisturizes and all that, i have in my beach house.

as you can see, i limit myself, so when i come back home, i don’t need to unpack much.

hope you enjoyed. all the love. xx

April Favorites


april is slowly going away, and may is coming up, which means summer is almost here. these are some of the thing that i have been obsessed with during april. i only took individual pictures on things that you guys might enjoy. lets get started.

i just really want to explain that my older beats headphones got ruined. i have had them for about 3 years. so one day, the wire some how got detangled with the fur of my chair for my vanity and i try to untangle it, so one thing led to another and i tore the wire. so all the small wires were sticking out and it was a mess. i once sat on them once and my dad fixed it.

moving on, i use this ted baker cute case as a pencil case for school. i was casually shopping for my friend’s gift and i saw that case and i died. i instantly fell in love. this was my first ted baker purchase ever.

my phone case, my phone is not in it because i had to somehow take a pic. (i dont have a fancy camera yet). anyway, my last case was just a hot mess and i really needed a new one so i went to kates spade and i found this adorable one. i some parts of it yesterday, i dropped it. oops.

next up is my chanel perfume, i got this last summer, but i was just using this perfume constantly, like every day. it has such a sweet smell, not too strong. just perfect.


this book, i just fell in love. it’s not really a book. basically it asks you questions everyday and you answer it. there is space for 5 years. so next year i will get the same exact questions and i get to see my last years answers. which is pretty fun. if you want to check it out, it’ll be right here.


i totally forgot to add this product in my lush collection (you can click right here if you want to check it out) but it is probably the best toner i have ever had in my entire life. it will literally wake you up. it’s so fresh i just can’t. if you want to try out this amazing product, click here.


this book is beyond amazing. at first i didn’t like it but then i slowly started to fall in love with it. i don’t want to say anything because i don’t want to spoil it for you, just incase you want to check it out. click right here.

this is the most beautiful lipstick on earth. it is a darker shade than what the picture is showing just because a flash was on. but it is such a beautiful dark shade. the lip liner is perfect as well. as for the lip gloss, its a very light baby pink,  which is very cute.

bare minerals- break away, right here. lip gloss- smooth talker, right here.

that’s all, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed this! all the love.

Favorite Lipsticks


the products that make every girl (or boy) feel confident and powerful, well at least in my opinion. in this post, i will show you some of my favorite lipsticks, lipsticks that i have been wearing for a while now. i will link these lipsticks down below as i write so you guys can check them out.


this first lipstick is by aerin. i love this lipstick, especially when i’m feeling all flowery and spring. just ready to jump into summer. i have tanned skin, so when i put on this lipstick, it really shows how dark my skin is, which makes it look like i went to the beach. it also moisturizes which is a plus.

aerin- rose balm lipstick, and you can find it here. the name is ‘coral sand’


IMG_0961 (1)

i got this lipstick from a sample box, and i instantly fell in love with it. it is a light/dark color. it is not dark like ariana grande’s lipstick, (if you want me write a blog post about it, comment down below) but its not as light as the lipstick above. it has a tint of glitter, but the glitter can be easily removed with makeup wipes. if you are looking for a dark color lipstick, but in a more elegant way, try this. its by bare minerals.

bare minerals- raise the bar, and you can find it here.



this makes me feel like an evil queen. it is beyond amazing, and it goes on so smooth, and i just fell in love with it. on the paper, it doesn’t look that dark but when you apply it on, it looks dark. not a messy dark lipstick, a simple dark lipstick. its just amazing and i recommend you get this. it’s by bite.

bite- juniper, i can’t find it online but it is definitely in Sephora.



and lastly, nars. this is my first nars product and it’s such an amazing product. it is very similar to the bite lipstick, but a bit more purplely and matte. not really matte. it is a great color if you’re looking for a purple color, but not bright purple. it does not show on the paper but it has a tint of purple to it when you apply it. it’s really amazing.

nars- fanny, and you can find it right here.

these are all my favorite lipsticks so far, i’ll update later. tell me if you have any of these or you have tried them. enjoy!