Kylie Cosmetics Review

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I finally got my hands on some of the famous Kylie Cosmetics. I always wanted to try them out, but I was too lazy to wait and buy them once they’re restocked, but one day she announced on Snapchat that she was having a restock for the long weekend. Apparently there was going to be more than enough products that were going to last the whole weekend.

After an hour of the products being restocked, I finally woke up and added some things to my cart. All of the lip products were available, but I only ordered colors that I knew I would wear everyday.

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The first one I ordered was Koko K, I tried it off first without applying any lip balm, and the lip liner wasn’t as smooth. So I definitely recommend using lip balm before using the lip liner. The smell of the liquid lipstick was amazing, it smelled like vanilla. I was very happy with formula but it did dried out my lips. They look all cracked up but it’s matte so whatever.

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The applicator, was fortunately good. The packaging is super simple and I really love the color. If you’re really into liquid lipstick, then I definitely recommend these, they are worth the money and wait.

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This next one is Dolce K, it’s a really cool and warm brownish color. This one as well smells like vanilla, and it applies supper smoothly. This is one of those everyday colors, it’s really beautiful and pigmented.

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The applicator was as well perfect, nothing was wrong. Packaging was cute and simple as well. I hate the fact that the lip liners are sharpened ones and not twisty ones. But other than that, it’s amazing.

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This is one of my favorites, I was waiting for this color ever since I placed my order. The famous Posie K. It is a very pretty dark pink color, also smells like vanilla. Formula is beyond amazing.

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Fortunately, nothing was wrong with the applicator, and the lip liner was just as great.

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The last lip kit is True Brown K, I defintely did not expect this color to be super dark but I love it nonetheless. I actually really like it because of the dark mocha color. The formula is just as great. Smells like vanilla as well.

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Just like the other applicators, this one was just as perfect. Nothing was wrong with it, and it held as much product as possible.

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You have no idea how happy I am that the applicator is perfect for the gloss. I wasn’t going to order any glosses, because not a huge fan but decided why not since they’re all available. I got the ‘Literally’.

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The formula is amazing, does not have that vanilla smell to it unfortunetly. Other than that, it went on super smooth and the applicator was amazing. It is not sticky at all, I love this even though I hate lip glosses. Definitely recommend the lip glosses. It is pretty thick and not light weight.

The box itself was a little messed up, the flaps were opened but I’m not thinking of it too much.

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The same thing with the metal matte lipstick, the packaging had some pink lipstick on it which is probably unsanitary. I should have probably ordered a more darker color, I got the one in the shade ‘Heir’, and my dad literally told me “You have no lips”, the color made me look weird and I couldn’t even let it dry because I didn’t really like the color.

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Let’s take a moment to look at the applicator, only one side of it carries up the product. The other side does not. This formula is definitely different than the other lip kits, this one is more liquidy and smoother.

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*Here you can see the lipstick stain, not that well because camera does not do justice and I added on some filters.*

Would I recommend these products?

Yes, yes I would. They’re definitely worth every penny because the formulas are amazing.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Miley Cyrus Viva Glam


i know this isn’t the recent celebrity line for MAC, but i just had to tell you guys about these lipstick and lip gloss. i wasn’t really expecting much from those, because i’m  not a big fan of MAC, but i fell in love with these.


so first up the lipstick. guys, omg. this thing is so smooth, i don’t know if its because it was in my carry on bag the entire vacation or what, but this stuff is amazing. i usually don’t go for pink lipsticks, but this one is actually amazing. it has that creamy texture to it. the color is pink but going to the dark side. not a dark pink, kinda like hot pink.


the lip gloss is like all the other MAC lip glosses, its sticky and messy (in my opinion), but this color is amazing. it kinda as well like hot pink, but more on the lighter side. it has glitter to it which i think is great, but its hard to get rid off all at once. this is amazing with the lipstick. it adds that shine to it.

miley cyrus viva glam

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Favorite Lip Glosses


this was such a hard decision to make, i have so many favorite lip glosses. i limited myself (like usual) to just two. i’m thinking of making parts, so every week or so i post two new favorite lip glosses. and there are so many i have yet to try out.


this first one is from mac and it’s by ariana grande. i’m not really into mac lip glosses,  because they tend to get very sticky and messy. but i set all the negative thing aside and try it out. even though it was sticky, it was such a pretty ‘good girl’ color. it has that shine to it, and it’s perfect if you want to have something very simple on your lips. it’s amazing.

IMG_1124 (1)

this next one is beyond amazing. this is from bare minerals and it is this brown neutral color. this color is perfect if you’re going for a more natural look. the exciting part about this lip gloss, is that it is a lip plumper. once you put this on your lips, it will start to feel like mint or something like that, and it’s basically pumping up yo lips gurl. (i’m sorry i just had to.)

bare minerals- spark plug

thank you all for reading, hope you all enjoyed. all the love.