A Kawaii Haul


An important warning before continuing on, all these items will make you die out of cuteness, hence the title ‘A Kawaii Haul.’

My cousins were so thoughtful and amazing that they got me more than enough “souvenirs” from Europe. So without further ado, let’s just see what they got me.


Okay so first up is this cute ‘Dat Pout’ pouch, perfect for storing in makeup or honestly anything, it is big so it has more than enough room available.



The first two pencils are to die for, now whenever I write with them I feel like a queen. No but seriously, look at how amazing and details those crowns are! And that bunny pen, life is so much better with it.

The pencils have a matte finish to the “packaging” while the pen has a more glossy finish to it’s “packaging”.



This may seem like the most childest thing in the world, but look at that pepsi cup! The packaging is beyond cute, it’s a tubber ware like that stores in all these erasers. Yes, they are erasers and they’re to die for.



Another box filled with erasers, how can erasers be so cute? These are as you can tell, are shaped as doughnuts. And if you had these in Middle School, you would remember that you can take them apart and replace them and all that fun stuff.



As a teenager that grew up with emojis, these are definitely something I need in my life. Look at these sticky notes or tabs, you can literally stick them anywhere and the emoji will explain what you were feeling with that phrase. Basically like texting.




This tangle teaser though, and the best part is is that it smells like peaches! The smells is literally out of this world and look at how cute and “kawaii” it is. It’s so cute and simple and smells amazing.



You cannot disagree with me when I tell you that this is the cutest compact mirror in the world. For a person that’s not a huge fan of cats, I am deeply in love with this compact mirror. It’s not that small but the perfect size to stuff it in your purse or bag.



I just realized that this lip balm matches with the compact mirror and things just got cuter 10 more times. I think these lip balms are the most adorable lip balms to ever exist, I think they are the rulers of the EOS lip balms. I’m not sure that they’re by EOS but they look like it.


For the last thing, it has to be a makeup product. I mean, this is a beauty blog amirit? I don’t really know where they say the brand of this lipstick but I definitely recommend it. It has such a plum and beautiful color for an everyday lip colors. I posted this on my Instagram first so if you want to check it out, @thechicommunity

The packaging is definitely different, I would love it to be all of it silver, but yet again, that’s what makes it unique.

I decided that I would keep this post short and simple and just filled with pictures so you can enjoy. Sorry if I overused the word “cute”.

Origins Review


After a month, I finally have some good thoughts and positive results from these products. In July, I did some damage in Origins, there are masks that I love and hate, but all of these products turned out amazing and they are definitely ones you need to try out.



In my Origins Haul, I told you guys that this hair mask caught my attention because of how long you need to leave it in your hair, you only need to leave it in for 2 minutes. Um, yes please. When I tried it out for the first time, I just squeezed once and only a small amount of product came out. I have very thick and long hair so I knew that this amount of product ain’t going to do anything. So I squeezed around 3 to 5 squeezes (that sounds weird) onto my hand and started running it through my hair. You only need to use this once a week because this stuff will leave your hair feeling amazing for a week or two. I didn’t need to worry about finishing the bottle in a month, this will definitely last me for a few more months.

Calm To Your Senses Hair Mask 5/5



Now you might be wondering, why do I have close ups of this product. Well, camera does no justice but this face wash is literally silver. It had that metallic/silvery look to it, and I was in shock. But anyway, let me tell you how this feels on my skin. This stuff is great if you have sensitive skin, I personally like face washes that have scrubs or exfoliants because these tend to get rid of the gunk on my face better. But this is great if you want to wash your face but your face is clean, because this has a very soothing creamy texture to it which feels amazing. It’s definitely not a light weight product it’s very thick which I think is what makes it unique.

Frothy Face Wash 3.5/5



I am a sucker for eye creams, I just don’t know why. My eyes feel amazing after I have “massaged” in my eye cream, so when I came across this eye cream that helps to minimize dark circles, I quickly threw it into my basket. At first I was in shock, it had a mustardy color to it and I’m used to an off-white. Anyway, the second I tried to get some of the product, it felt very jelly like. The saying “A little goes a long way” does apply to this product. I honestly don’t know if this is working or not but it feels great when I have it on so I’m still going to be using it.

Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimizer 3/5

*As I’m writing this post I realized that one of the products in the first picture was not an Origins product, but I will be writing a separate blog post about that because I love that product.*

Origins Haul


The last few posts have  been just about Reviews and Hauls and I’m so sorry but there are just so many products that I want to try out and show you guys. I got the Origin products from the original store and not from Sephora.

These are pretty expensive products but hopefully they are worth every penny. And without further ado, let’s get on to this haul.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I have been looking for some hair masks because I have never actually tried out any, so I decided on trying out this one. What caught my eye was that it says to leave it in for 2 minutes, and most masks should be left in for 30 minutes.

It promises to comfort and condition your hair, so that should be interesting. I’ve been buying some other hair products which are mentioned in my Instagram if you want to check that out. (@thechicommunity)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

You know that I’m always on the hunt for some new face wash or cleansers, and Origins is pretty famous for that and some of it’s masks. I got the ‘Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash’. It looked interesting and simple and that was good for me.

In two weeks I’ll update you guys on how these products turned out to be and if they’re worth it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The last thing I got was this ‘Dark Circle Minimizer’, my dark circles are not that serious but I’d much rather just get rid of them, and this looks promising. It has this mustard color that actually shocked me because usually my eye creams are mostly white.

I have high hopes for this so hopefully it will turn out great.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The person that was helping me was really nice and decided to give me some samples since she knew it was my first time here. She gave me an ‘Energy boosting moisturizer’ which is perfect for using once you wake up. It will help to depuff your eyes and all that fun stuff.

She also gave me another moisturizer which has SPF 45, it is Summer and I usually don’t get sun burned so I might give this to my mom since she was more excited about it than I was. (I’ll get updates from her!)

These were the things that I got, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Birthday Haul


i asked you guys in my after school routine post if you wanted to see a birthday haul, some of you guys did so here you go. most of these are from my best friends, because usually my family and i just give money and flowers.


so this first one was a diy from my parents. they sticked three shells together, made holes in two of them, and stuck earrings in them. this is such a cute gift and i love it so much.

my friend got me the set from victoria’s secret. it’s in the scent coconut passion, it has a shower gel,  moisturizer, and a body spray. and it has a loofa. then she got me this very beautiful pink bracelet from swarovski.


my other friend got me this choker from pandora. it is black leather and there is a small purple jem to it. i mentioned this as well in my chokers post.


my other friend knew that i was obsessed with ted baker, so she got me this cute small bag or a clutch sized bag. the color is very pretty, it’s lavender and i just love it.


and lastly, my other friend got me these earrings and necklace. they are the may birthstone. they’re a green jem with diamonds at the top. they are very very very pretty.

before i end this post, i just wanted to show you guys this surprise that my family did. i walked into my room and there is a huge box that says happy birthday, i open the box and balloons just fly out of the box. i have seen these on youtube and i just think that this is very cute.

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Amazon Haul (Part 2)


i recently ordered from amazon, and not all my packages have been delivered to me. a few weeks back, i did an amazon haul, the first part. today, some of my packages have arrived and decided to share it with you guys.

i have heard a lot about soap and glory over the past few years, but this year, a lot of people started loving it, so i decided to give it a go. i ordered this box from amazon, it contains a shower gel, body butter, and a moisturizer  (not sure), i will definitely be giving you guys a review on these products.


if you have read my previous posts, you would know that i’m in love with shadowhunters. i never really owned a merchandise (other than the mug and the books) form them, so i ordered this sweater. i ordered it in a really big size, so it can be an oversized sweater. the material is very soft, and it’s just amazing.


in english, we were in groups and we had to pick out books to discuss throughout the months. my friend chose this book, i am legend, and she said it’s about vampires. ever since i was 12, i loved vampires. so i had to get this book.

next is a portable charger, i have multiple portable chargers, but none of them seem to work. this one looked good so i decided to get it.

people these days have been into those black velvet chokers, i’ve never really tried chokers that thick, so i decided to give it a go. definitely adding this to my chokers collection.

and lastly is this body scrub from soap and glory. i read a post, few weeks back, about how amazing this product is. i don’t remember the blog, which sucks, but if you’re reading it, please comment down below so i can tag you.

are you a fan of any of these products? thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

Amazon Haul (Part 1)


i recently just ordered from amazon, and so i decided to do a haul. there are going to be parts for this haul just because not all the things have been delivered to me at once. the yellow package is not mine, i opened it and there was a small golden rusted spoon, i checked the address and it was sent to the wrong one. so yeah, lets get into this haul.


so first up are these two items. i recently started learning how to draw (a lot of help from a youtuber named mark crilley) and i noticed that he used a black pencil, and it was called black prisma color, i really wanted to try it out, so i ordered it. next is my iphone case, i am a very clumsy person. i can’t take care of my iphone cases. anyway, i wanted to buy a marble phone case (i’ve been really into marble lately) and so i ordered it. it also matched my laptop case which is a plus.


now for books, i’m just going to say it, i am in love with shadowhunters. you have no idea how badly i want to be one, i even am practicing runes. (well making them up), so i ordered this shadowhunter’s codex. which basically teaches you the concept i guess. next is cutiepiemarzia’s book, i have never read any youtuber’s books before (but i do have some of their books) so when i saw that marzia released a book, i had to order it. she is one of my favorite youtubers out there.


i have seen these towelettes in urban outfitter whenever i travel to america, and i never really thought that i wanted them. until i stumbled upon a youtube video, she was talking about how amazing this product is. and how refreshing and all that good stuff, so i wanted to try it out. there are different kinds out there but i ordered the lavender one cause i just love the scent.


a lot of people have been talking about this new brush that is way better than the clarisonic. and honestly i wanted one, because my clarisonic isn’t really that amazing. i don’t really see a difference with it so i ordered this perfect skin – brushing system. i’m excited to try it out.


and lastly, this mug. as i mentioned before, i am obsessed with shadowhunters, but i also am obsessed with mugs, so i had to order this. i was reading the box and apparently, if something hot makes contact with the inside of the mug, then those small drawing (runes) will act like glow in the dark.

i will be making a review on some of these products soon, i just want to try them out for a week or so, so i can give a proper review. thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.