April Notes


about a month ago i was stalking cutiepiemarzia’s channel on youtube. she started doing these monthly notes, where every months she would set about three goals and finishes them throughout the month. i liked that idea so i decided to start doing it.

my three goals for april were:

– write in my notebook at the end of the day. (about anything)

– read ‘its kind of a funny story’.

– clean out one of the drawers on my vanity.

writing in my notebook was fun, i did it for about a week and i stopped because laziness and i didn’t have time. the book was amazing, i suggest you read that book because it’s so.. relatable. (on some parts not everything). cleaning out that drawer was the best thing i ever did because i feel so organized now and i can find everything in it, not just a bunch of receipts from 5 years ago.

you should definitely start doing this, its fun to look back at what you did. thanks for reading. all the love. xx


What’s In My Purse


obviously this is not a purse but i have been obsessed with this back pack. it’s from Henri Bendel and it is a bit pricey, but such a perfect size to store all your essentials and random small pieces. i will show you what i pack in my purse for when i go to my beach house. (yesterday’s post, i talked about how i pack for my beach house.)


as you can see there a few items here and there. btw. my laptop does not fit in this bag, i just like to carry it around, just decided to add it in.

first thing is gum, i always carry gum around with me just in case i bump into someone, and i need to quickly freshen my breathe.

second are my sun glasses, i just need them, if i want to hide my dark under eye circles or the sun is bothering me. these are Henri Bendel as well.

third is my hand sanitizer, you just need to carry this around. germs are not my best friends.

fourth is my phone charger, i dont know what to say for this. what if my phone dies and i need to contact someone. (i currently dont have a portable charge but i just ordered one which should be coming soon.)

fifth is my pill box, the alarm would start ringing on my phone and i dont have my medicine with me. so its always great to have one. i got this from target in case you were wondering.

sixth are these two small notebooks. the pink one says, “sweet nothings” and its from kates spade. its basically where i put all my ideas, grocery, or just some random notes in it. the book with the two girls are also from Henri Bendel, it’s a calendar and it really helps me with organizing this blog. when to post each post and so on.

seventh, i love reading, as i mentioned in my happiness tag, so if i’m ever bored, i’ll just start reading. i still haven’t started reading this book. its called, darkness the color of snow.


i had to talk about this product alone. summer is basically here in kuwait which means oily skin for me. yay. anyway, i always have to carry these around, they’re oil blotting sheets. if you have oily skin and you never tried this exact one (not the colorful ones), then you definitely should because they’re my life savers.

this is what i have in my purse, (beach house edition) and tell me what your essentials are in general. i would love to know. all the love.


Happiness Tag

happy tag.jpg

i was nominated by the lovely Holly, to do this tag. she is such an amazing person, so sweet and so kind so you should definitely check her out! this is the first tag that i have done in this blog, (obviously, i started this blog three days ago) and i’m really excited.

5 things that make you happy:

My books: i am obsessed with reading and meeting new characters, and just the feeling of holding books. i feel protected when i’m around them, i know it sounds weird, but whenever i want to escape reality, i’ll just open a book and start reading.

New products: just looking at the product that i want to buy makes me happy. when people talk about these products and how they’re so amazing, i just want to order it and start using. i get really happy when they arrive or something, knowing i am going to change products is just way too exciting.

My room: my room is literally me. my personality has been expressed through different furnitures and items. memories are here and there and it just makes me happy when i look at them. especially when i come back from a 3 month trip, and go into my room and just relax.

My family: i didn’t want to add this in, because all of us (hopefully) agree that our families make us happy. whenever i think about them in school, i always get emotional cause i just want to sit with them and have a nice chat. as a teenager, i have isolated my parents from me when i was 14, and i regret everything. now hanging out with them more, and opening up to them, makes me feel so happy.

My jewelry: wearing jewelry helps me feel more confident, powerful, and most of all happy. even when buying new jewelry, i get so excited that i just want to go home and start wearing it. just thinking about them makes me happy, they’re my babies.

5 songs that make you happy:

Happy- Pharrell Williams this song makes me happy not because of the lyrics, because it reminds me why i love my school, and the people in it. my school got shots of students dancing to this song and they showed it in our middle school graduation and it was the best thing ever.

Let it go- Frozen i know some of you are way too old for this song and blah blah blah, but this song is my life. whenever my parents bring up something from a few months ago, i start singing this song. my singing is terrible so when they start laughing, it makes me happy.

Glowing in the dark- The girl and the dream catcher, the lyrics don’t make me happy, but i’m not saying they make me sad, its just the beat. the beat just gets me pumped and ready to “conquer” the world. this song has been on repeat this whole month. you should definitely check it out.

Written in the stars- The girl and the dream catcher, the different beats of the song is just so amazing, they lyrics are very beautiful as well.

Love is the name- Sofia Carson, this song is just too amazing. it will leave you speechless.

5 bloggers that i nominate:

Aylssa’s Life

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Carina’s Beauty


i’m curious as to what makes you happy! xx