The Glow Princess


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with highlighters or illuminators. And whenever I get new highlighters, I am quick to try them on. I would walk past a mirror and say to myself, “Damn girl that highlight though.”, and this is what my goal is when buying a new highlighter. So in this post, I’ll be showing you highlighters that really just exceed my high expectations.



The first palette is the Becca X Jaclyn Hill highlighter palette I guess, I have been talking about this palette on here and Instagram for the past two months. I was just filled with joy when I got it, I was the happiest person on Earth. These colors are super pigmented, you just need one swoosh of this on your cheekbones and you are good to go. And y’all know I’m a sucker for packaging, I like the packaging for this palette but I feel like it’s too bulky and hard to carry around.

(I would link this product but it is currently unavailable, I think it was a limited edition. I am not a 100% sure.)



This was the first highlighter that I ever bought. The first time I tried it out, I didn’t really like it. The brush was just not picking up the product and it definitely disappointed me because I heard a lot of great reviews about it. I used a different brush for the last two weeks and all the disappointments just washed away. I use these two colors also as an eyeshadow, the pigmentations is amazing and your can never have enough on your face.

Too Faced Candlelight Glow



And now for the famous Anastasia Glow Kits, this was my first time ever purchasing an Anastasia Glow Kit and now I just want to buy all of them. This glow kit is called Sun Dipped, and although the highlighters have a warm undertone to it, they still shine bright like a diamond under the sun or any light. Pigmentations is unbelievable and packaging is great if you want to carry it around, super thin and simple. I’ve been eyeing the Moonchild palette, and it is just so gorgeous like I need it in my life.

Sun Dipped Glow Kit ABH



Best for last is the Laura Mercier illuminator, I have talked about this highlighter in my July Favorites post if you want to check that out. Guys, let’s just take a moment and look at the highlighter itself, it is just too gorgeous to use. This is in the shade ‘Addiction’, there were four shades but most of them were sold out in Sephora, I got the last one. Pigmentation, like always is pretty phenomenal and packaging is simple and elegant.

Laura Mercier Illuminator ‘Addiction’


Palette Fever


It’s been  a while sine I posted but I’m finally back, more inspired than ever. I came back a few days ago from Orlando and now I’m back home in my room taking pictures like there’s no tomorrow. Just a disclaimer, I am just now experiencing with the new camera and the flash kept coming on and off so sorry for the pictures that have flash and others don’t.

If you follow me on Instagram (@thechicommunity) you would do know that I have been at Sephora almost everyday this Summer, so I did some damage. My mom likes to call it, “Palette Fever’ and that’s what inspires this post.



My first palette ever, I’m just new to the whole makeup, but I have seen so many videos that i decided that I’m going to practice until I slay everyone’s makeup (that’s still in progress.) Moving on, my first palette is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, not only are the colors super pigmented, but they smell like chocolate. Best Thing Ever. I always come back to this palette because the colors here are amazing for transition colors or just setting the primer.

I really like to mix in the white color at the top with the shade ‘Salted Caramel’ that’s on the left just to set my primer on my lids and to help make the transition and the lid color blend more smooth and easily. Over all, I think this is a great palette if you’re just starting how to do makeup, this palette has all the things you need.



If I’m being honest, I did not know that Grav3yardgirl was even going to do a palette, I do watch her youtube videos but not always. When I saw this gem at Sephora, I had to get it. There were only two left so it was now or never. The names of the shades really caught my eye, for example if you see on the left the name ‘does this thing really work?’ I just started fangirling like crazy and explained to my mom what it was about and it was worth it.

This is also a great palette because it has the mixtures of both mattes and shimmers, and you can even use some of the colors like ‘does this thing really work?’ as a blush. For all those people out there that love Grav3yardgirl, you need to add this palette to your collection.



The packaging is really what caught my eye to be honest,, (I’m a sucker for packaging). Even though this palette does not have that many shimmery shades, I use this palette constantly for transition colors. It has the best transitioning colors, especially if you’re going for a soft romantic look, this is the palette you need.

This palette is by Anastasia, and it’s called ‘Modern Renaissance’. I’m just in awe with this palette and the colors are so pigmented it’s amazing. Two sweeps of any of these colors on your crease and you’re good to go.



I have to give credit to my Mom for finding me this palette. She receives multiple emails from Sephora, and they emailed her about this palette and we just had to get it. I mean, look at this gorgeous palette. We searched high and low for Sephora and it still wasn’t there or released yet, even though the email specifically says it was released. Until we went to Ulta, that’s when we saw it, just in the middle of the store, fully stocked. This palette is just shades of glittery goodness by Urban Decay, ‘Moondust’.

What I’m disappointed about this palette is that the colors are not that pigmented. The brushes barely get any of the product from the palette (and my brushes are perfectly fine with all the other palettes.) It was much easier to use your fingers instead of the brushes, it might get messy and fallout happens everywhere. So if you’re like me and start your face makeup first then your eyes, switch that routine around for this palette. I did some research and other makeup or beauty gurus suggested the same thing, to use your fingers instead of your brushes.



And last, but certainly not least is the best highlighting palette ever created in the world of Sephora. A lot, and I mean a lot of people have been going crazy about this palette and I decided that I need to get my hands on this palette. Now I’m one of those crazy people that have been going crazy over this palette. The pigmentation of these colors are amazing and you only need one layer of this on your cheekbones or whatever and you look like you’ve spent all day on this look.

I got so excited that I didn’t even say the name of this palette, but it’s the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Palette, the packaging is so cute and simple, I just feel like it would be easier to carry around if it was the same packaging as the Anastasia highlighting palettes. Nonetheless, I am in awe and adore this palette as well as the other palettes.