April Notes


about a month ago i was stalking cutiepiemarzia’s channel on youtube. she started doing these monthly notes, where every months she would set about three goals and finishes them throughout the month. i liked that idea so i decided to start doing it.

my three goals for april were:

– write in my notebook at the end of the day. (about anything)

– read ‘its kind of a funny story’.

– clean out one of the drawers on my vanity.

writing in my notebook was fun, i did it for about a week and i stopped because laziness and i didn’t have time. the book was amazing, i suggest you read that book because it’s so.. relatable. (on some parts not everything). cleaning out that drawer was the best thing i ever did because i feel so organized now and i can find everything in it, not just a bunch of receipts from 5 years ago.

you should definitely start doing this, its fun to look back at what you did. thanks for reading. all the love. xx


April Favorites


april is slowly going away, and may is coming up, which means summer is almost here. these are some of the thing that i have been obsessed with during april. i only took individual pictures on things that you guys might enjoy. lets get started.

i just really want to explain that my older beats headphones got ruined. i have had them for about 3 years. so one day, the wire some how got detangled with the fur of my chair for my vanity and i try to untangle it, so one thing led to another and i tore the wire. so all the small wires were sticking out and it was a mess. i once sat on them once and my dad fixed it.

moving on, i use this ted baker cute case as a pencil case for school. i was casually shopping for my friend’s gift and i saw that case and i died. i instantly fell in love. this was my first ted baker purchase ever.

my phone case, my phone is not in it because i had to somehow take a pic. (i dont have a fancy camera yet). anyway, my last case was just a hot mess and i really needed a new one so i went to kates spade and i found this adorable one. i some parts of it yesterday, i dropped it. oops.

next up is my chanel perfume, i got this last summer, but i was just using this perfume constantly, like every day. it has such a sweet smell, not too strong. just perfect.


this book, i just fell in love. it’s not really a book. basically it asks you questions everyday and you answer it. there is space for 5 years. so next year i will get the same exact questions and i get to see my last years answers. which is pretty fun. if you want to check it out, it’ll be right here.


i totally forgot to add this product in my lush collection (you can click right here if you want to check it out) but it is probably the best toner i have ever had in my entire life. it will literally wake you up. it’s so fresh i just can’t. if you want to try out this amazing product, click here.


this book is beyond amazing. at first i didn’t like it but then i slowly started to fall in love with it. i don’t want to say anything because i don’t want to spoil it for you, just incase you want to check it out. click right here.

this is the most beautiful lipstick on earth. it is a darker shade than what the picture is showing just because a flash was on. but it is such a beautiful dark shade. the lip liner is perfect as well. as for the lip gloss, its a very light baby pink,  which is very cute.

bare minerals- break away, right here. lip gloss- smooth talker, right here.

that’s all, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed this! all the love.