Origins Haul


The last few posts have  been just about Reviews and Hauls and I’m so sorry but there are just so many products that I want to try out and show you guys. I got the Origin products from the original store and not from Sephora.

These are pretty expensive products but hopefully they are worth every penny. And without further ado, let’s get on to this haul.

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I have been looking for some hair masks because I have never actually tried out any, so I decided on trying out this one. What caught my eye was that it says to leave it in for 2 minutes, and most masks should be left in for 30 minutes.

It promises to comfort and condition your hair, so that should be interesting. I’ve been buying some other hair products which are mentioned in my Instagram if you want to check that out. (@thechicommunity)

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You know that I’m always on the hunt for some new face wash or cleansers, and Origins is pretty famous for that and some of it’s masks. I got the ‘Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash’. It looked interesting and simple and that was good for me.

In two weeks I’ll update you guys on how these products turned out to be and if they’re worth it.

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The last thing I got was this ‘Dark Circle Minimizer’, my dark circles are not that serious but I’d much rather just get rid of them, and this looks promising. It has this mustard color that actually shocked me because usually my eye creams are mostly white.

I have high hopes for this so hopefully it will turn out great.

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The person that was helping me was really nice and decided to give me some samples since she knew it was my first time here. She gave me an ‘Energy boosting moisturizer’ which is perfect for using once you wake up. It will help to depuff your eyes and all that fun stuff.

She also gave me another moisturizer which has SPF 45, it is Summer and I usually don’t get sun burned so I might give this to my mom since she was more excited about it than I was. (I’ll get updates from her!)

These were the things that I got, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Sephora Haul


*A general idea of what I got from Sephora, no in depth pictures or detailed reviews, that is all for later. *

Warning: Sephora is a very addicting place to shop, shop at your own risk. The fact that Sephora opened up at Downtown Disney (or Disney Springs) is a huge deal. I go there almost everyday, and since Sephora is now open there, just praying for my mom and I’s wallets.

Anyways, lets get into this haul. Liquid lipsticks are a huge thing now, and Smashbox has the best ones. I got two liquid lipsticks, they’re both on the brown and orange side (I’m doing a Smashbox Review soon so stay tuned.) I also got those compact powders from them as well, I got in the shade “Light”. My mom suggested that powder foundation is better than liquid foundation for oily skin people, and she was right. To list of other things I got from Smashbox:

  • Face Primer
  • Lid Primer
  • BB Cream Under eye concealer

I stopped at the Benefit section and got the famous Porefessional, as well as the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner. I also decided to pop in the Too Faced section and omg the liquid lipsticks though. Heaven on Earth. I got the shade Child Star. (Will be doing a full on detail review on all these products.)

I got two lipstick brushed because I have been really wanting them in a very long time, they’re both from Sephora, nothing too special. I got a smaller version of the Beauty Blender (not those really tiny mini ones) but when I got back to the hotel, someone apparently opened the packaging so that sucks.

You know the cashier section line where you do your last minute shopping, my mom found these two glues, I wanna say, for when you are doing nail art, very similar to Simply Peel. I forgot to include the Origins masks, they had a 6 for $24 dollars thing going on. (They’re sample sized not the full ones)

If you are in there award thing system then you know all about the points, we had a lot of points and usually there is nothing that decent to use your points for but I saw the Tarte box and decided to try it out. So I’m not really sure if it is on sale.

A review will be coming up very soon, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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Mini Lush Haul

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A couple of days ago I read a blog post by Lushtivity, and she was talking about this specific product called Fresh Farmacy and how it’s amazing for sensitive oily skin. I have been looking for new things since I’m kinda bored from my routine, so I decided to go and get it.

I found other things while I was shopping, and I have never bought Lush soaps before so I was like, “Why not?” I got some few soaps that smell amazing, I only have tried two though, but anyway these are the products.

I got the Rockstar soap which is probably the best thing I have ever bought, it smells stunning! It will leave your skin feeling very smooth and moisturized. The smell is beyond amazing, if you’re into girly/vanilla scent, then definitely try it out.

I also got the Sea Vegetable, I have yet to try it out, but the smell is amazing, I can’t describe what it is yet, but I’ll make sure to do so when I try it out.

I still have not tried out the Fresh Farmacy, but I really am looking forward to trying it out, so hopefully tonight I will.

They gave me a free sample of the Sultana of Soap, it has such a beautiful smell. It’s made of dried nuts and fruits incase you were wondering. I have tried it out and it also leaves my hands feeling very smooth and moisturized.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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