Sephora Haul #3


Shocker, another sephora haul. I promise the next few blog posts will be reviews, which reminds me. Thank you for all your comments and requests on the last sephora haul, I promise to fill in those requests as soon as I stop traveling from mountain to mountain. In the meantime, enjoy some makeup hauls!

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Palette Fever Part 2.5


Last year I did a very similar post to this, hence the part 2 of the title. I wanted to make this post short and simple so I’m doing two parts of this series if you will. If you want to check out last years Palette Fever, then click here.

*These are not reviews because I literally just came back from the states so I couldn’t really try them out. This is just a haul.*




I may be a bit late on this trend but I had to get my hands on at least one of the sets (I couldn’t find the other two), once I saw Youtubers raving and complementing these palettes, I knew I had to get it. As you can see, there are multiple eyeshadows on there, which I think is pretty great for its price. (Especially if you’re trying to save up). It also comes with a highlighter, bronzer, and blush which is pretty great as well.

The only thing disappointing about this palette is the lack of mirror, but the packaging and the set up makes up for it.




*Do you like the pearl thing happening in the pictures? I’m sorry I was half asleep while taking these pictures.*

I love my makeup forever palettes, I think they’re the best palettes because the packaging is super simple and convenient. They didn’t need to “sugar coat” it to make it look all nice, the plainness of it is amazing. I personally really love the colors on this palette, it’s hard (well at least for me) to find mattes in these shades, they’re usually mostly shimmery shades, so it’s fun to have mattes by your side.





The minute I heard that Kat Von D and Too Faced were going to collab, I died. But then I had to force myself to rise myself from the dead so I can actually get it. So the first thing I did when I went to the states, was to get this palette, or palettes. It’s so precious that I just want to stare at it for hours on end. I especially love the notes on the sides, I think that’s just adorable.

If you’re trying to save up and you want both Kat Von D products, and Too Faced, then definitely get this palette, because it’s definitely worth every penny.





One of the major reasons that I got this palette was because of the huge mirror, I mean, look at that thing. I tried to take a picture of it with my camera, but my camera did this thing and yeah, I’m digging it. Other than the shades, the variety and amount of eyeshadows that there is on here is amazing. I have to say that some of the colors are very similar to each other, but I do the same with lipsticks, so…

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this post because my wallet is currently crying in the corner.


Sephora Haul #1 (Winter 2k16)



*Thank you Azra for the nomination for the Entertainer Blogger Award, check out the end of this post for the questions and nominees.*

Well, let me start of this post by saying that I’m in Chicago, well not really. I’m on the road heading to Florida, and we’re currently in Indiana. For the past days that I have neglected The Chic Community, I was in Chicago, shopping in mostly Sephora and recovering from the jet lag.

For the next posts, it’s mostly going to be hauls because I won’t have time to try things out, but if I do, I’ll make sure to post reviews. Without further ado, let’s get into this haul.



The first thing that I got was this Glow Kit, I liked it the minute everyone started posting pictures of it on Instagram. The packaging is super simple and cute, which is great for traveling. Especially since I buy a lot of makeup when traveling to America. It is more so of a sheer highlighter, maybe that’s why some people don’t like it. But you can use it in more different ways, like eyeshadows or even lips, if you like taking risks. I’m excited to try this out and I’ll tell you all about it.

Glow Kit – Ultimate Glow




*I don’t  know if the Lethal shade is cracked or not, I just realized the line while writing this post.*

I was contemplating whether or not to get this palette because, I don’t do well with Urban Decay’s pigmentation. But for the sake of you guys, I decided to get it and try it out and tell you all about it. As my mother pointed out, it’s very similar to the Kyshadow palette, so I might do a comparison between them later on.

Naked Ultimate Basics



I’ve been wanting to try out cream highlighters for a while now, so when I passed by the Becca stand in Sephora, this caught my eye. As you can see, it is in fact a creamy product, so I’m as well excited to try it out. I got this one in the iconic shade ‘Champagne Pop’.

Shimmering Skin Perfector



If you’re like me, then you spend hours on end watching Instagram beauty tutorials, and you have to somehow stumbled upon the foundation sticks. It looks very interesting, and easy? I mean, it’s not messy like liquid foundation, you just straight away put it on your face. I asked one of the Sephora people (yup, thats what im calling them) to help me pick out a foundation because whenever I pick, it makes my face ashy. And if I remember correctly, she said it was because the shade was too light for me. So, there’s a makeup tip for you.

Stick Foundation



Last but certainly not least, are the new Bite multi task lipsticks. These came out the day I left America during the Summer, so I’m a bit late to trying these out. But I finally got my hands on them and am very excited to try them out. I’ve been a fan of Bite Beauty before I was even a huge fan of makeup, and that was years ago. Bite Beauty never disappoints so I’m looking forwards for these multi tasks lipsticks.


That’s it for this haul, hope you enjoyed this first Sephora haul, hope y’all are excited for the next 20 Sephora hauls!


Thank you Azra for the nomination once again, make sure you go out and check out their blog because it is to die for!

What do you hope to gain from blogging?

Honestly, I love sharing what I got from different stores and my opinions on them and blogging is the perfect opportunity for that. So, there’s really nothing I’m hoping to gain from, it’s just a way for me to “escape reality”.

What genre of film entertains you the most?

Comedy, anything that makes me laugh.

Do you consider yourself a writer, and what inspires you to write?

I do consider myself as a writer, I’m currently in the process of writing 5 novels, and I’m hoping to share with you the stories super soon. Listening to songs, mostly Disney is what really gets me going.

Why did you choose your particular WordPress username?

I was in the shower when I thought of this name, there isn’t any reason towards it.

What is your favorite book, and why does it speak to you?

Oh, that’s hard. I have a lot of favorite books, but if I were to choose one it would be Will Grayson Will Grayson, it’s by John Green, figures. It doesn’t necessarily speak to me, it was the start of my obsession with books, that’s when I started to become a bookworm.

What is your favorite song, and why does it speak to you?

I’ve had the Moana soundtrack on repeat for the past month, currently listening to it while on the road.

What is your favorite photograph, and why does it speak to you ?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It was the last day of exams and I was just really proud of how it turned out. My friends really liked the layout and it’s a perfect representation of my personality. Pink and pastels.

I nominate:

Beauty By Reeva

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Your Fairy Godmother

Kimberly Loveless

Juliette Talks






Favorite Lippies (2)


I decided to do another favorite lip products post because why not? You can never have too many favorite lippies. Two of them I have mentioned before that I really liked them, one of them is a new addition, and the last one I got like 3 years ago and never wore it.



The first one is a lip gloss, and I have talked about this lip gloss countless times. This is the Tara by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The consistency is amazing, and the quality is beyond amazing. It’s very comfortable, so you don’t need to worry about your hair constantly getting stuck to it. I never really like lip glosses, but the ones from Anastasia are to die for. I really like this shade because it is a very neutral shade, for me, it’s an everyday shade. I could wear this color for any look and it will complete the whole look. I definitely recommend.



If you have read my latest post, you would know that my favorite lip kit by Kylie is most definitely Posie K. I am a sucker for dark colors, and this is literally the perfect shade for dark pink. It’s not too dark or too pink, just perfect. This is my go to matte lipstick, in my opinion, I think it matches every look perfectly. But that always depends on what you like and what you don’t like.



I recently just got this metal matte by Kylie, and I am already obsessed. Very similar to her other lip kits, except this one is more creamier (if that makes sense at all). Comparing it to her other lip kits, this one doesn’t feel to dry on your lips. Her other lip kits is sometimes too uncomfortable to wear because of how dry it gets, but this one is perfect. It also lasts through the whole day, even when eating and drinking. I got the shade ‘Reign’ which I think is the best compared to the other two metals.



I bought this Sephora lipstick 3 or 4 years ago, when my I was somewhat interested in makeup but that faded quickly after a few days now. (wow look at me now) While writing this I realized that it is somewhat similar to Posie K, except a bit lighter. They both have somewhat the same pink shade, and they’re both matte. i really like this lipstick because it’s very comfortable to wear, sometimes I forget that I’m even wearing it. Although, if you put more than one layer then when you rub your lips together, it will start to create clumps and everything’s a mess. So only put one layer, cause then you’re good to go.


Kylie Cosmetics Haul


This is not the first time I order from Kylie Cosmetics, so if you want to read about my first impression then click here.

Kylie had a huge restock earlier this year, in July. When I got them, I was obsessed. So whenever she would release something new, I would just hover over my phone, waiting to add it to my basket. But to no luck, they always got sold out. So I promised myself I would never order Kylie Cosmetics ever again, until now. My friends texted me and told me that the kyshadows are still available, as well as other lip kits. I gave in.


I got a little somethin’ somethin’ from each “category” I guess you could say, but not the eyeliners or whatever the rest are. I did not expect to buy another metal or gloss just because I never really liked the shades I ordered the first time, but I decided to give them another chance.





I was only going to order the Bronze Palette, the orange color in the middle caught both my mom and I’s eyes. When I first got ahold of the palettes, I was disappointed, online they seemed much bigger and wider, but they’re just the size of the palm of your hand. But I guess it’s better for traveling and such. The only thing I wish they added in those palettes are mirrors, then it would be the perfect palette. The packaging is very simple and cute, not bulky or anything along those lines.

1st Palette: The Burgundy Palette

2nd Palette: The Bronze Palette





When I first saw the shade ‘Dirty Peach’ on Instagram, I was amazed. The shade is to die for. I obviously did not bother to order it the minute it came out, but when I was adding the kyshadows to my cart, I found that it was still in stock and added it in. I honestly do’t even know if this is going to look good on me, I’m highly doubting that, but it’s too pretty to not buy. The wand has been changed, I did not know this at all until I opened it to swatch it on my wrist The wand is way better than the old lip kits, oh and the bottle is filled with the product. All my other lip kits, the bottle was filled more than half way, but this one was filled all the way to the top. Which is always a good thing.

Dirty Peach



The first metal that I ordered was the one in shade ‘Heir’ and I did not like it at all. It matched my skin a bit too perfectly, making it seem like as thought I had no lips. So when I was looking through the metals, I decided to go for the most decent darkest shade there was. I got the one in the shade ‘Reign’ and I’m obsessed. While I was taking the pictures, I couldn’t handle it anymore and started putting it on. I’m currently wearing it and oh my god I’m in love, it’s so pretty. YOU HAVE TO GET ONE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.




Last but certainly not least, is the gloss. If you were to ask me what my favorite lip kit is, i would tell you straight away that it’s Posie K. I mean, that color is beautiful. So when I saw that the gloss was available, I had to get my hands on it. I have yet to try it out, but I did swatch it on my wrist, and it’s very beautiful, as expected.

Posie K

All the products that I have mentioned are still in stock, so if you’re interested, get them while you can. 

A Kawaii Haul


An important warning before continuing on, all these items will make you die out of cuteness, hence the title ‘A Kawaii Haul.’

My cousins were so thoughtful and amazing that they got me more than enough “souvenirs” from Europe. So without further ado, let’s just see what they got me.


Okay so first up is this cute ‘Dat Pout’ pouch, perfect for storing in makeup or honestly anything, it is big so it has more than enough room available.



The first two pencils are to die for, now whenever I write with them I feel like a queen. No but seriously, look at how amazing and details those crowns are! And that bunny pen, life is so much better with it.

The pencils have a matte finish to the “packaging” while the pen has a more glossy finish to it’s “packaging”.



This may seem like the most childest thing in the world, but look at that pepsi cup! The packaging is beyond cute, it’s a tubber ware like that stores in all these erasers. Yes, they are erasers and they’re to die for.



Another box filled with erasers, how can erasers be so cute? These are as you can tell, are shaped as doughnuts. And if you had these in Middle School, you would remember that you can take them apart and replace them and all that fun stuff.



As a teenager that grew up with emojis, these are definitely something I need in my life. Look at these sticky notes or tabs, you can literally stick them anywhere and the emoji will explain what you were feeling with that phrase. Basically like texting.




This tangle teaser though, and the best part is is that it smells like peaches! The smells is literally out of this world and look at how cute and “kawaii” it is. It’s so cute and simple and smells amazing.



You cannot disagree with me when I tell you that this is the cutest compact mirror in the world. For a person that’s not a huge fan of cats, I am deeply in love with this compact mirror. It’s not that small but the perfect size to stuff it in your purse or bag.



I just realized that this lip balm matches with the compact mirror and things just got cuter 10 more times. I think these lip balms are the most adorable lip balms to ever exist, I think they are the rulers of the EOS lip balms. I’m not sure that they’re by EOS but they look like it.


For the last thing, it has to be a makeup product. I mean, this is a beauty blog amirit? I don’t really know where they say the brand of this lipstick but I definitely recommend it. It has such a plum and beautiful color for an everyday lip colors. I posted this on my Instagram first so if you want to check it out, @thechicommunity

The packaging is definitely different, I would love it to be all of it silver, but yet again, that’s what makes it unique.

I decided that I would keep this post short and simple and just filled with pictures so you can enjoy. Sorry if I overused the word “cute”.