Palette Fever Part 2.5


Last year I did a very similar post to this, hence the part 2 of the title. I wanted to make this post short and simple so I’m doing two parts of this series if you will. If you want to check out last years Palette Fever, then click here.

*These are not reviews because I literally just came back from the states so I couldn’t really try them out. This is just a haul.*




I may be a bit late on this trend but I had to get my hands on at least one of the sets (I couldn’t find the other two), once I saw Youtubers raving and complementing these palettes, I knew I had to get it. As you can see, there are multiple eyeshadows on there, which I think is pretty great for its price. (Especially if you’re trying to save up). It also comes with a highlighter, bronzer, and blush which is pretty great as well.

The only thing disappointing about this palette is the lack of mirror, but the packaging and the set up makes up for it.




*Do you like the pearl thing happening in the pictures? I’m sorry I was half asleep while taking these pictures.*

I love my makeup forever palettes, I think they’re the best palettes because the packaging is super simple and convenient. They didn’t need to “sugar coat” it to make it look all nice, the plainness of it is amazing. I personally really love the colors on this palette, it’s hard (well at least for me) to find mattes in these shades, they’re usually mostly shimmery shades, so it’s fun to have mattes by your side.





The minute I heard that Kat Von D and Too Faced were going to collab, I died. But then I had to force myself to rise myself from the dead so I can actually get it. So the first thing I did when I went to the states, was to get this palette, or palettes. It’s so precious that I just want to stare at it for hours on end. I especially love the notes on the sides, I think that’s just adorable.

If you’re trying to save up and you want both Kat Von D products, and Too Faced, then definitely get this palette, because it’s definitely worth every penny.





One of the major reasons that I got this palette was because of the huge mirror, I mean, look at that thing. I tried to take a picture of it with my camera, but my camera did this thing and yeah, I’m digging it. Other than the shades, the variety and amount of eyeshadows that there is on here is amazing. I have to say that some of the colors are very similar to each other, but I do the same with lipsticks, so…

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this post because my wallet is currently crying in the corner.


Things That Changed My Life


Okay, I might be exaggerating too much on the title. The things that I’m going to show you guys are definitely things that improved my life, maybe not in a really major way, but a more simpler way.


Glasses. Okay so story time, one day my family and I were on a road trip and we were just messing around. My dad told me to close one of my eyes and try to read one of the signs from outside, it was blurry. That was in August, and ever since I started wearing contacts and glasses, my life took a 180 degree turn. Although I barely wear my contacts, I can see a major difference when I wear them and when I don’t.



I didn’t know lash primer was even a thing, until one day at Sephora the cashier person told me that I had enough points to get this lash primer. My eyelashes have never looked so beautiful. It’s basically white mascara, it creates an illusion of longer and fuller lashes when you apply your regular mascara. I use it with the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and it completes the makeup look amazingly. If you don’t feel like spending money or points on this, I’ve heard that white translucent power works fine as well.



I have talked about this brush a few blog posts ago, and I still feel like I need to talk more about it. If you are looking for brushes to really improve your eyeshadow looks, then get this brush, or something similar. This is a crease brush, a more stiff kind of brush, not fluffy. This is perfect to create more depth for your crease, and to concentrate more color there. The one I have is from Sephora, and it works perfectly. Although, when cleaning it be more gentle because it may flare out the bristles and ruin the whole point of this brush.



Again, I have mentioned this primer more than once on my blog. I sadly finished this primer, definitely my favorite. You could either wear this alone or under any eyeshadow, it makes the color pop and makes it last longer than usual. If you want to know more about it, then check out my Lid Primer Battle.

Stuff Empties


I was going to title this post “Product Empties” or “Monthly Empties”, but first of all, not all of these empties are products, and second of all, these took me months and months to empty them. You can’t blame me, I buy something, a week later I buy something else and I neglect the first thing, so it takes a while.


I’m going to start of this blog post with this amazing scented body wash, or shower gel, by Soap and Glory. If you have not tried out any of Soap and Glory products, then what are you doing? They’re super affordable and the packaging is cute, gives of these 70’s or 90’s vibes which I’m obsessed with. This shower gel specifically smells amazing, the lime scent really wakes you up and gets you ready for the day. Although I am a night showerer (is that a thing?), this really “calms” me down from all the stressful assignments I get from my teachers.

I’m pretty sure they all get together and plan to give us ten tests, 2 projects, and 5 essays that are all due the next day.

Sugar Crush Body Wash


I am not even going to talk about these wipes anymore, I have talked about them way too much in the past few weeks. Links to the blog post:

How I Remove My Makeup

Take of Your Face For The Day



Next up is my all time favorite liquid lipstick by Kat Von D in the shade ‘Lolita’. As you can see this is a sample size because it came in a set along with other beauty brands. I think the reason I’m in love with this shade is because you can wear it everyday, it’s not too dark or too light, it’s perfect. I had to get a restock on it because #obsessed.




Last product for this post is one of my favorite makeup products in the whole wide world. Milk Cosmetics is such an interesting brand with all their interesting products, they have eyeliner in the shape of a highlighter. (Should I write a blog post about that?) Ad you can see it says it’s concealer, but I may have accidentally gotten a shade that is super similar to my skin, you know how concealers are supposed to be a shade or two lighter than your skin, well that totally slipped my mind. I used it as a foundation stick and it was amazing.

It is an oily product so you HAVE to set it with powder because your face will get super oily, especially if you have oily skin. I tried it once without setting it and it was not a pleasant look.

BTW, I’m in the shade ‘Medium Tan’.

MILK Cosmetics Concealer

Makeup Must Haves


A beginner or not, I feel like these types of posts are really helpful. Either they give you a head start on what makeup products to buy, or just simply if you’re looking for something new or interesting. This post will consist of products that I think not only will make your makeup look better, but also help it last longer. So without further ado, let’s just get into this post.



Lid primers are definitely something you need to add on to your makeup routine. The first few days I did my makeup without any primer was a total nightmare. My eyeshadow would be a complete mess, my eyeshadows won’t blend in properly and the pigmentation that the makeup brand promises does not show any effect. You can either just use the lid primer and go straight to eyeshadow, or what I like to do is to set it using any light shade eyeshadow and this will help to make eyeshadow blending much easier and faster.

Smashbox Lid Primer



I would use my  beauty blender like a crazy woman when trying to blend in my lid primer. I would just stab my lid which results in hurting my eyeball, and it would leave streaks and it did just did not look good at all. I was so fed up with hurting my eyeballs that I just took my foundation brush and used it. This technique changed my life completely. It left off a smooth finish to my lids, and it was soft. Even though this is a foundation brush, it will help to blend in any cream products giving a perfect finish look.

Kat Von D Foundation Brush #10



If you don’t like liquid foundation or any foundation in a bottle really, then this product is targeting you. We’ve been across compact powders, which is basically powder that is compacted. A lot of you guys might be wondering, powders can barely have enough coverage. I though the same thing, but we thought wrong. This Smashbox powder gives you enough coverage, not too much, just enough. It helps to give off that natural look, making sure not to cover everything, because what’s natural in that? And sometimes i just like to use this to set anything really.

Smashbox Compact Foundation Powder



Speaking of setting powders, I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have heard great reviews about the Laura Mercier setting powder and so on and so forth. So I’m not going to go into too much detail, because we all know that it does it’s job and it’s great and everyone needs it. But this powder really does brighten up my face, my face goes from dead to alive in two seconds, well technically 5 minutes. Gotta love baking you know?

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder



I know you’re all probably over the powder products but I promise you that this is the last one. Blush is important, whether you’re going for a natural look or a night out look, you need blush. Not only are the blushes just so pretty, but it will give color to your face. That’s all I have to say about blushes.

NARS Orgasm Blush



As promised, we’re over the powder products. It’s time for some more eye products. If you have small eyes, then you would know the struggle of trying to figure out how to make them look bigger. Searching high and low on Youtube until beauty gurus start saying to use a white color for your water line. I did exactly that but I saw no result whatsoever. I decided to try out a black one, I finally realized what I was missing in my makeup look. So if you still have not tried it out, then get your hands on it or something similar.

Tarte Lash Liner



Last but certainly not least, eye liner. Just like I said before about how those products complete the look, this is the same thing. If you were to compare last month’s winged eyeliner to today, then you would see a drastic change. And all thanks to this eye liner, this eye liner is great for beginners. I have tried multiple eyeliners, but this one is the best. It glides on very easily, and doesn’t move around. So if you have shaky hands, like me, then this eyeliner is perfect for you.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner