3 Ways To: Accessorize A Plain Outfit

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The first thing that I do when I wear an outfit is to check in the mirror and see if it’s a bit too much or too little. Most of the time, it’s plain. Whenever I try to accessorize it, it all of a sudden gets too much. So for today’s 3 ways to I’ll show you three ways to accessorize a plain outfit.

Previous 3 ways to was all about preventing zits (I changed from Sundays to Saturdays)

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Wear shoes that are out of this world. We all have those basic white or black shoes, but we also have those glittery and bright colored shoes, get them out. With the plain outfit, it will help to “calm down” the brightness of the shoes. The spotlight will just be on those shoes.

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Same with the shoes, if you have funky bags get them out. They will help to spice up those plain outfits. The whole attentions with just be on those funky bags. I got this bag for my birthday last year and I love how it’s not like any other bag I own.

Lastly, is all bout chokers. I don’t have pictures about that because they have already been here on my blog. If you want to check it out, click here. What used to be all about statement necklaces is all gone, people are wearing chokers and that’s all they care about. These chokers can be as simple as a black ribbon to a person hanging from there and eating their ice cream! (I wish) But seriously, this is the new statement necklace, they add so much to plain outfits.

Thank you guys for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

3 Ways To: Prevent Zits

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Previous 3 Ways To was about organizing your lipsticks.

Welcome back to 3 ways to where every Sunday I tell you about 3 ways to whatever. If you have any requests please make sure to tell me in the comments. For today’s 3 ways to,  it’s going to be all about those nasty mountains that grow on our faces. I’ll show you 3 ways to stop that from happening.

IMG_1472.JPGThe first way is to avoid eating chocolate as much. Our tastebuds don’t know what is good and bad for our skin. We all just crave that amazing junk food, we can’t help it though. Researchers have found that there is a link between chocolate and acne, unfortunately. But, not all people get acne from chocolate but I know for sure I do. So if you’re wondering why you keep getting zits when you wash your face everyday, maybe it’s because of that chocolate you’re eating.

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This is a mistake that a lot of people do, that wear makeup almost everyday. If you are the type of person that will literally cover their face with powder, and get oily skin, then you need to read carefully. If you feel like throughout the day your skin is getting oily, don’t cover it by using powder, just blot your face with oil blotting sheets. If you can’t find any of them, just use coffee filters, they work just as great.

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And lastly the product that I always talk about. This is literally my life saver. I know a lot of people use this product, and all I hear are great reviews. This is such an amazing product, if you have not tried it out make sure to do so. This is the Clean & Clear anti spot gel, if you use this daily, then your pimple will be gone in two or three days. If you ever feel that a pimple is going to come soon, just rub some of that product on that area, that pimple will change it’s mind.

So these are three ways to prevent pimples, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. All the love.


3 Ways To: Organize Your Lipsticks


welcome back to 3 ways to where every sunday i post a 3 ways to. previous 3 ways to was all about organizing your necklaces. check it out if you haven’t so already. for this post, it’s all about sorting your lipsticks.


so this first one is my favorite. it is a clear box, that’s divided into smaller boxes to store in all your lipsticks. i got this from amazon, there are multiple different sizes. what i like about it is that it’s showcasing your lipsticks. a lot of my lipsticks packaging are very beautiful, and i really want to show it off, so i think this is the best thing ever. it’s easy access as well.


if you are not a big fan of showing off your lipsticks, or you have no place to put them, just put them in a bag. it is as simple as that. you could get really cute bags, for example, i got this from henri bendel. i just put whatever in it and store it in a closet or a basket.


the simplest and cheapest way ever, is storing them in those ikea boxes. they’re very simple, and easy to use. i use this only for lip glosses or key chains. i would just throw these boxes in a drawer and i’m good to go.

how do you store your lipsticks? thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.