Sephora Haul #3


Shocker, another sephora haul. I promise the next few blog posts will be reviews, which reminds me. Thank you for all your comments and requests on the last sephora haul, I promise to fill in those requests as soon as I stop traveling from mountain to mountain. In the meantime, enjoy some makeup hauls!

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Update on The Chic Community

I have been inactive on this blog for weeks now and it honestly sucks because I really love creating these posts, but nowadays my interests have been all over the place. Basically I want to talk about more than just makeup – so thats why I’m changing this blog into a more diverse blog.

To give you an idea, expect content about art or books or writing.

Hopefully some of you won’t unfollow because I really want to open up my blog to more interests and I have met so many people on here that talk to me about books or even anime so yeah.

Get ready for a sephora haul soon!

I also have a giveaway happening if you want to check that out. (on insta @usedtobethechic)

I created a new insta acc surrounding these interests at @thechicommunity (same name – new acc)

tarte Maracuja Oil Review


Mind you I have had this oil sitting around in my room for 7 months, and I have just come to use it. And let me tell you, I regret not using this a long time ago when my skin needed it.

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Birthday Giveaway!

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Yes, my birthday came and left and I’m finally 17. And as promised throughout all my social medias, there is going to be a giveaway for my birthday.

The rules are:

  • Being active on social media accounts! (All the info will be down below – You don’t have to follow the art page if you’re not interested in art)
  • Follow this blog!

The Giveaway includes:

  • The Chic Community Notebook
  • Glam on the Go (face + eye + lip palette)
  • Eyeshadow brushes (the mini old fashioned ones)

Good Luck!

I’m thinking of doing the “17 things I learned” or something like that, would y’all be interested?

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram – @thechicommunity (makeup page)

Instagram- @malaksketches (art page)

Twitter – @glamblam