17 Things I Learned in 17 Years

Basically what I’ve learned for the past 17 years. Enjoy.

1- People will and are judgmental – but that’s not going to stop you from becoming who you are.


2- Whenever overwhelmed, write down what you need to do and plan them out. I swear to God life will become so much easier.

3- You’re never going to progress unless you stop self-doubting yourself.

4- It’s okay to repeat mistakes, but it’s not okay to repeat them. (Confusing but you got to figure it out yourself)


5- Sometimes self-motivation is key – watch Ted Talks, they help. A lot.

6- Tidy up your room – it will feel like as though you tidied up your mind.


7- Read. As cliche as it sounds, it will help you escape reality and forget about it for a few hours. 

8- Don’t expect good results if you don’t put in the effort.


9- Practice. Just because you don’t have the talent doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

10- Ask yourself, “Will future me regret this?”

11- Get. Rid. Of. Things. That. Bring. You. Down.

12- It’s okay to unfollow or block someone, what are they going to do?


13- It’s okay to have more than one hobby, and it’s also okay to have no hobbies.

14- You have a reason as to why you’re in this world – don’t just YOLO everything you do.

15- Think before you do. (Consequences, sometimes they suck so that’s why you gotta think)


16- Keep on going. Don’t stop just yet.

17- It’s okay to be chill and not overwork or over stress or challenge yourself – take life slowly, why are you in a hurry?

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9 thoughts on “17 Things I Learned in 17 Years

  1. I love this so much, Everything you said is hands down true, everyone out there has to read this god I Love this so so much and yes TED talks are the best I love them so much you should watch Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on “your body language shapes who you are” it’s amazing and I love it so much to this day 💙 I can’t emphasize enough on the get rid of things that bring you down this is really important thank you so much Malak for blessing us with this post 💙 lots of love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve heard of Ted Talks, will definitely check them out later 🙂 These are so of my favourite posts to read as I love seeing how much people grow! You have already learnt so much at 17 which is amazing, especially knowing that yolo isn’t always the best motive for actions! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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