Eye Shadow Brushes I Use


Yes I know – I use like 6 brushes to apply what looks like two colors on my eyelids.


Just a disclaimer: You don’t need this many brushes when you’re starting out with makeup, or if you simply can’t afford it. When I started with makeup, I used around two brushes, it’s just overtime I started collecting these brushes.


Okay first brush isn’t even an eyeshadow brush, it’s a concealer brush. I tend to use this Kat Von D concealer brush to spread my primer around my eyelids, especially when using my mac paint pot.


This brush is also not an eyeshadow brush – it’s a blush brush by Ulta. But I still use it as an eyeshadow brush, I think it’s the perfect size to set your eyelid primer and makes blending eyeshadow easily. (I use a color a few shades lighter than my skin tone so I can set my primer)


These are the two brushes that I used when I started makeup, the top one is an eyeshadow base brush by Sephora. It’s a great brush to pick up glittery pigments, and is extra great when sprayed with makeup setting spray.

The other brusher is a blending brush (It’s a double sided brush but I tend to just use the crease brush) and I use this brush when I want to add color to my crease – this brush is by It Cosmetics.


The top brush is a blending brush by ABH in the Modern Renaissance, and as exactly as it sounds – I use it to blend my eyeshadows. The other brush I rarely use, but I do use it here and there, it’s an angled brush and I use it when I want to add color to my lower lash line. The third brush is a crease brush but it’s more pointed, and this is great because then you can really focus a specific color on wherever you want. So I use this in the outer corner of my eye to darken it up. Both of these brushes are by Sephora.


And lastly, the smallest brush I own. This brush is perfect when adding highlights in the inner corners of your eyes, and your brow bone. This brush is also by Sephora.

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18 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Brushes I Use

  1. On a regular day I’ll use 3 brushes – one to lay down, another one to blend the edges and one for the brow bone / highlight.
    I’m really liking that pointed blending brush you have, the 3rd one from Sephora. 🙂

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