April Favorites

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The only reason why I have an April Favorites post is because, 1: I got a tablet that I’m in love with, and 2: because I have a surprise at the end of this blog post so make sure you read the end of this post!



Alright, I have been wanting to order a Wacom tablet ever since I started watching those one minute videos on Instagram of people drawing. I just for some reason really liked the idea of drawing digitally – mind you that I was drawing traditionally first – so after watching multiple video reviews on these tablet, I decided to go with the cheapest one to see if I will actually like digital arts.

It definitely felt like I was learning how to draw all over again. One of the issues that a lot of artists mentioned was not being able to see what you’re drawing, you have to look at the computer’s screen – but honestly I did not have that issue. My only problem was trying to figure out my drawing style and I’m finally content with it.

I have an art page if you want to check it out on Instagram – @malaksketches


Next up is this lip balm, I think I have talked about this before but I don’t remember, but nonetheless I decided to add it in my favorites post. A Youtuber named Conan Gray recommended this lip balm and he convinced me on ordering it, and I don’t regret it. This is great if you have really chapped lips, or just want to add a little shine to your lips – while hydrating them at the same time.



Can somebody tell me why I just started using this liquid lipstick when I bought 6 months ago. I’m all about neutral brown shades because I feel like these are the colors that compliment my skin color the most. Y’all know my obsession with Kat Von D’s Lolita, and this one is very similar to it. I wanted to try out their lip paints and they’re beyond amazing, doesn’t dry out your lips out too much – if you hydrate them first of course.


I’ve already talked about this perfume before, but I’ve been using it a lot this past month. Read this post if you want to read more about it.

Oh by the way, since my birthday is coming up, I’ll be doing another giveaway, so stay tuned for that!

Shop The Products:

Wacom Intuos Draw

Hurraw! Lip Balm

Tarte Lip Paint in Bestie

Chanel Chance

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11 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. I’m not into drawing but I’ll let my niece know about the tablet. I’m a big fan of the Tarte liquid lipsticks…have not smelled the Chanel…will have to check it out.

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  2. I LOVE LOEV LOEV liquid lipsticks too! They are the best makeup trend to date I SWEAR, I have two from ColourPop & 1 mini (I lost the other 4 oops). So practical & pretty but I can’t wear them to school 😅

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  3. I first used a tablet like that in high school for a class on Illustrator and Photoshop, and it really can’t be beat for digital art! I went back to a regular mouse in college since I was a broke college kid who had to buy the Adobe suite and a bunch of other super-expensive design tools…
    I also really love the scent of the Tarte lip paints!

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      • I studied architecture and would usually draw floor plans and things in a different program and edit things like lineweight in Illustrator. So it was very doable with a mouse. I also originally learned how to use the pen tool, which lets you have a lot more control over curves than freeform tools like the pencil. The few times I have used the pencil, it was really difficult because I want that perfect line!

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  4. Love the tarte lipstick review, I am into neutral shades as well so I’m going to check out the Tarte liquid lipstick and Kat von D’s Lolita, would love to see a post about products that compliment skin tones would be really helpful. The Wacom tablet sounds so interesting I’m going to check it out, Btw your digital drawings are hands down cute and amazing Malak 💙

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