SunDipped GlowKit Review


A lot of you guys requested a review of this palette, ever since I posted a picture of all my palettes on Instagram so here you go.


For some reason, I feel like a lot of you guys feel like this palette is not great, which I don’t understand because this palette is definitely one of my all time favorite highlighting palettes – I always look for this palette when I want to highlight my face.

This was actually my first ever highlighting palette, and my first (and only) glowkit. At first, I didn’t necessarily LOVE it because the pigmentation was not strong, if I used the brush and not my fingers. Even though I wasn’t fond of it at first, I still used it because it was good enough for me.



But then, I purchased a specific brush that I think is worth every penny. I was watching a live stream and the girl that was doing her makeup was using this specific brush, I asked her if the brush was even worth it and she said definitely. So I got it.

And let me tell you, this brush plus that glowkit are the ultimate power couple , they work amazing together. The brush picks up a decent amount of product, and the pigmentation is spot on.

This palette will work amazing with the right brushes, especially if you want that perfect highlight or glow. What I really like about the palette is not only its packaging, but also how the shades work great with multitude of skin colors – from pale to dark skin. Since y skin color is somewhat in the middle, I use the golden shade and the pink shade under it, perfect combo.

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16 thoughts on “SunDipped GlowKit Review

  1. I just ordered this glowkit…I’ll have to order the brush…and I agree that sometimes a product that is “iffy” is redeemed by the perfect applicator…thanks for the honest review

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