Blog’s Birthday Giveaway


Since it’s been a year since I started this blog, I decided to open up a giveaway!

You’ll be winning:

  • They’re Real Mascara by Benefit
  • Maneater by Tarte
  • The Chic Community Notebook
  • Colourpop Rebound
  • A cosmetics bag


  • Be active (liking/commenting)
  • Follow my Instagram @thechicommunity

Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Blog’s Birthday Giveaway

  1. I try to be super active on insta & Twitter! Congrats on your blog’s BIRTHDAY 😻🎉🎉 I’d really love to win like so many other people but really CONGRATS CONGRATS

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  2. Thank you for letting me win this! I absolutely love makeup & creating looks & just being myself when it comes to my make up & I want to thank you for supporting my dreams & allowing me to continue my love for makeup! I’m going keep these in a nice spot on my vanity 💕 Thx a million trillion babe💛

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