Sephora Instant Hydrogel Eye Mask Review


Living in the Middle East, it has its ups and downs. For one, the weather is not that great.

If you have ever visited the Middle East, or have at least heard about it, then you would know that the dust storms are very common and they suck. Looking outside your window, everything is just a mixture of yellow and brown. With dust storms, our eyes tend to get irritated, so these past few weeks my eyes have been all puffy and red because of the dust storm.

I stumbled upon this mask that I got months ago – I have a habit of buying something and not using it till 5 months after – and decided to try it out. This works wonders.

When it comes to irritated eyes, I want something to cool them down and make them less red, if that makes any sense. This mask does exactly that. The coolness of the mask makes you want to leave it on forever, even though it says 5-10 minutes. I left it on for more than 10 minutes and the results were amazing.

My irritated eyes are gone, and the redness is gone, it felt like as though I washed out my eyes and put them back into their sockets. That’s how good they are.

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Sephora Eye Mask

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13 thoughts on “Sephora Instant Hydrogel Eye Mask Review

    • I don’t think it can, I haven’t come across any masks for that issue but I have seen some eye creams that have good reviews. I recommend the Origins eye cream, it helps with dark circle and also hydrates!


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