Four Things You Must Try Out


These are products or items that I don’t mention in favorites post but I recommend trying them out either way.



Incase you are not familiar with foundation powders, well this is a pressed foundation powder by Smashbox. I fell in love with Smashbox after trying out their foundation because it was very light and had coverage. I have oily skin so my mom recommended me to try out the powder foundations than liquid ones and ever since then, this is my go to foundation!


Surprise surprise another Smashbox product. Summer of 2016 I was obsessed with Smashbox, I didn’t even want to try out other brands because I figured that my expectations are way too high because of Smashbox. Anyway, this was my first ever lid primer and I, like the foundation, fell in love. Very lightweight and makes your eyeshadow color live up to its fullest potential.

So I highly recommend.



When I bought any highlighting palettes, like the Becca x Jaclyn one or the SunDipped by ABH, I never really thought of them much because it barely showed up on my skin. After watching a livestream, a girl was talking about this brush and I asked her if the brush was even worth it and she responded with, “Yes definitely!”, so I bought it.

Remember those palettes that I neglected, they’re now my everything. I tried multiple brushes and this ABH brush was the only one that actually picked up the product and showed just how pigmented the highlighters were.


I honestly bought this at first because it looked cute. After using it to “bronze” my face, or just to bring color back on to my face, I realized just how much I love this brush. The brush itself is very soft to the skin, and the packaging is simple and pretty.

Shop The Products: 

Smashbox Foundation

Smashbox Lid Primer

ABH A23 Brush

Tarte Brush

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