March Favorites


Another month has passed in 2017 and I have yet to tackle on to my 2017 resolutions.

M A K E  U P


This is probably the fifth time I mention this mascara on my blog? I don’t know I lost count after the third blog post dedicated to this mascara. This past month I’ve been really loving this mascara, like any other month but I just loved how this mascara has been completing all my simple looks to make it seem like there was more effort put into this makeup look – even though I just put on some burnt sienna eye shadow with a winged liner.


Speaking  of winged liners, those have been achieved by the lovely tattoo liner by Kat Von D in Trooper – which is just straight up black. Just like my Better Than Sex mascara, I have mentioned this eyeliner more than 3 times on my blog, it is just that amazing. As a person who had shaky hands and didn’t know how to draw a line across my lids, this helped a lot.

With a lot of practice – 7 months – I am finally satisfied with my winged liners because of this eyeliner, I definitely recommend this if you’re still practicing. Because of it’s felt tip, it is easier to control and handle than liquid liner, but that’s just my opinion.


I was hesitant on adding this product to this post, just because I know a lot of my friends don’t support MAC because they are not cruelty-free. But I did not know that until i after started using the MAC paint pot, and I hate to say this but I have been loving it.

A great primer that really helps the true capabilities of the eyeshadows (aka their pigmentation) shine on your eyes. That’s all I have to say.

But if you are curious about MAC paint pots, they have I think 5 different types, I was contemplating between the one I have and one specifically for oily lids.

A R T  S U P P L I E S


February I started to get into drawing again, hence this new addition to my favorites post ‘Art Supplies’ – I know I’m going to start having a collection so why not introduce it now? Anyway, these micron pens have been everything to me. I really do love how they are smooth on any type of paper – I have tried it on regular computer paper, your ordinary sketchbook, and water color paper – so yeah they’re pretty good.

Thank you for reading – hope you enjoyed!

Products mentioned:

Better Than Sex

KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper

MAC ‘Pro Longwear’ Paint Pot

Micron Pens

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10 thoughts on “March Favorites

  1. I really must try the mac paint point. I don’t think I can call myself a makeup enthusiast without having tried them!!! And I love a thick eyeshadow primer since most shadows make my eyes water and they help prevent that.

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