Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review


As per requested on Twitter 

I just want to start this post off by saying, this was the first eyeshadow palette that I owned.


Colors are just straight up perfection, perfect pigmentation and a variety of shades. All the colors are easy to blend and buildable. And if you have hazel/brown eyes like me, then this palette will definitely suit you! The brown shades and the shimmers compliment my eyes beautifully, so I definitely recommend it!


Packaging is to die for, like all Too Faced packaging. That simple chocolate bar look to it makes it unique and one of a kind. Like all Too Faced products, it has to smell good – so you guessed. Smells exactly like chocolate. As you can see, the palette is fairly clean and the shades are not all over the place, this is important to notice because I have had this palette since August – so it’s been 7 months from carrying it everywhere and thankfully it is still in good condition.


Once again, I really do recommend this palette, especially if you’re just starting out.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar – Click here to buy it!


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