Sweet Peach Review


This palette actually smells like peaches. That’s all I have to say.

(Read the end of the post for some exciting news) 


Lets talk about the packaging first. No denying that Too Faced has the cutest packaging out there, so anything related to Too Faced has the most beautiful packaging – fight me on this. I have one problem with the cute packaging: The huge word “Peach” that covers 75% of the mirror. But other than that, the packaging is cute and simple.

Like all Too Faced palettes, there has to be some sort of smell to it, and since this palette is called “Sweet Peach”, you guessed it. The palette smells like peaches, but not the sickly sweet kind, but the more so of fresh kind.


The pigmentation – no joke – is the best thing ever. The matte shades are to die for, definitely buildable or if you’re the person that take risks with straight up dark colors, then it also works great. I cannot say the same for the shimmer shades, they’re the shades that you have to use your fingers. I hate using my fingers, I like using brushes because I feel like I have more control over it. But I like to use the MAC Prep and Primer and spray 2-3 sprays onto my brush, and that helps a lot with picking up the product.

Overall I really like this palette, there are a variety of shades so you can use this palette for daytime and nighttime. The packaging is simple enough to go and travel around with.

Products Mentioned In This Post:

1- Sweet Peach ($49.00)

2- Prep + Prime Fix+ ($24.00)

The Exciting News: 

I’m currently hosting two giveaways, the first giveaway is on my instagram (@thechicommunity) and I’m giving away Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The second giveaway is on my twitter (@glamblam) and I’m giving away Sweet Peach by Too Faced and the Marble Real Techniques Beauty Blender.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Peach Review

  1. This post really goes in depth about the palette, the only bad thing is I made me need this palette even more 😩😍😍. I’m definitely going try to win the sweet peach palette, I’d be so happy to use it!!!💘🙌🙆🙏
    For shimmer shade I usually use a c-curve / smudge Brush. They work well with shimmer & cream eyeshadows!! Looking forward to more reveiws!!

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  2. Oh! Thanks for sharing! I’ve always been curious about palettes like this but have actually been kind of little bit scared of trying them. Does the shadows not fade away after a while when you have them on?? 😮 I’ve notice so many shades for doing that!

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