February Favorites


Most of the things that will be mentioned in this post are stuff that I have had in my room / or kept in mind to watch for some time now. Except the glasses, the glasses I have worn them ever since my mom surprised me with them.

L I F E   S T Y L E


Ever since I saw these glasses floating around the internet, I have been wanting them ever since. So after annoying my parents to get me prescribed ones, they finally gave in and surprised me with them. All I can say is that ever since I got them, I have been wearing them nonstop. I . Am. Obsessed.


I have finally finished one of my favorite perfumes, the Ari by Ariana Grande. I won’t go in too much detail because I have a separate post about it. (click here) All I have to say is that I am quite thankful for my past self to have bought another bottle of this perfume. This perfume has the perfect balance between sweet and elegance (if that even is a scent), it’s not that type of perfume that is too sweet, it has the right balance.



When Benefit came out with their Brow line, I was excited but at the same time was not. For one, I was excited about them because who doesn’t get excited for new products? And second, I was not that excited because I don’t really do much with my eyebrows expect highlight my brow bone. So, when I saw the High Brow Glow I had to get it. What’s great about this is I personally don’t just use this for my brow bone, I use it for my inner corner of my eyes, and my cupid’s bow as a highlight.

I somehow made it a multitasker product, you’re welcome.


If you bough the Christmas in New York palette by Too Faced, then you would know that it came with three sample sized products, the Shadow Insurance is one of them. If you have read my Lid Primer Battle, you would know that what I would look in for eye primers is a bit of color to give a nice one color base to my lid. This primer does exactly that, I usually use this primer if I’m only in the mood for eyeliner. Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner and this primer go hand in hand together.




A class I’m taking in school is called Young Adult Literature, and you basically read a ton of books. So the book we read for this unit was The Hobbit, I have watched the movie last year for my Drama class and I must say, there is some difference. If you have watched the movie, I recommend you reading this book because the movie does not compare.

If you are into authors describing the setting in a lot of details, then this book is for you.



If you are into ghouls and fighting humans, and everything in between then this anime is for you. If you are not into this kind of thing, I still recommend you watching it because it is a piece of work.

It’s basically about a young boy who gets some ghoul organs transplanted to his body, thus making him half human and half ghoul. You follow the young boy as he tries to figure out how to live this new life of his.


This anime is one of my favorite, probably one of my top 3 favorites. It is about a 13 year old kid who wants to seek revenge on anyone who has humiliated his family name, so a demon comes and offers him an offer. The demon will become his butler and help him with his revenge but on one condition; at the end, the demon will then devour the 13 year old boy’s soul.

You will fall in love with the characters, I HIGHLY recommend it.

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