2K17 Night Skincare Routine


I think it’s finally time for an updated night skincare routine, after experimenting and reusing products that I have neglected, I think I’m going to stick with this skincare routine for a while now. So without further ado, let’s get into it.



This is most definitely not a new product that has just showed up in my blog, I have talked about this specific cleanser multiple times. This is the Neutrogena oil free acne wash, I have used up at least 4 bottles of these, they’re just so good. These have exfoliants so it get rids of dead skin as well as any excess oils or dirt. This has a nice grapefruit scent, although I did not like it at first. I use this face wash whenever I feel like my face is in definite need of a good cleanser that will really help to exfoliate my face.



This is another alternative to the Neutrogena one, if I’m not feeling to exfoliate my face with the rough cleanser then I will opt towards the Origins Frothy face wash. A lot of you guys have commented about how amazing this face wash is and I could not agree more. It has a nice minty smell to it, and is super creamy and soft, leaving your face feeling amazing.



I believe that every skincare routine has to have some sort of toner in there, because they will change your life completely. Toners are great for multiple reasons, they either help to get rid of spots or blemishes, or they help to make sure that your oily skin does not get super oily anytime soon, or to just refresh your face. With that being said, my favorite toner that I will always go for is the Lush Tea Tree Water. If you are looking for new toners, I definitely recommend this one. I just use a few sprays on my face and I am good to go.



Once I let the toner dry, I go in with my moisturizer. I am just now using the Vanishing Cream by Lush, and I absolutely love it. It leaves your face feeling soft, and it is super lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it being too thick, unless you are looking for thicker moisturizers, then I don’t recommend this. I usually put on a few spots on my T-Zone area, because it is the most oiliest place. I have heard a lot of great reviews about it, so definitely check it out.



I have been practicing a lot with my cat winged eyeliner, so there is a lot of trial and error. I remove my makeup very aggressively and this does not really help with the outside corners of my eyes (where the winged eyeliner would fly off to). Those spots usually get dry and irritated so to solve this problem, I use this eye cream by origin. A little goes a long way for this one, and it is just the greatest thing ever. Helps to moisturize and calm down the outside corners of my eyes.



The last step to my skincare routine is the anti spot gel. I am not going to go into too much detail because I have talked about this countless times. All I have to say is that it gets rid of your pimples or zits in a week. You should try it put. Seriously.

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