Sephora Haul #2 (Winter 2k16)


We’re back at it again with the Sephora haul, I told you guys that most of these posts are going to be hauls. But I have review of a certain product coming to you very soon, so stay tuned for that. This haul is definitely much bigger than the last one, if you want to check out the first haul, click here.


I have been wanting to try out pressed setting power instead of the lose setting powder so I decided to get it from my all time favorite brand, Laura Mercier.

Invisible Pressed Setting Powder


I am obsessed with Kat Von D’s brushes, they may be a bit pricey but they’re worth every penny. The quality of the brushes are to die for, they blend out foundation or pick up the right amount of product. So when I saw the concealer brush, I just had to get it. I mean who wouldn’t, look at the packaging!

Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush



*If you’re ever wondering what my iPhone case is, well now you can see it yourself from the reflection.*

This. Is. An. Eyeshadow. Palette. I’m still in shock as well, I mean look at how beautiful it is. Hourglass never fails to surprise me, it’s too pretty for me to use. And the shades are to die for as well.

Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Exposure


Smashbox released these cute neon sets that I think are perfect for gifts. The first one has 6 lipsticks and the other one has 3 palettes, one for eyes, lips, and contour. They also have a third one I think, but I am not a 100% sure. And even though they can be a bit expensive for some people, they’re value makes up for it.

Smashbox Light It Up 3 Palettes

Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick



Since y’all saw my iPhone case, you know that I’m obsessed with marble. I had to get this Hourglass palette because one of the major reasons, the packaging. I am a sucker for those. But I’m very excited to try out all those highlighters, I’ve heard great reviews about them.

Ambient Lighting Edit


Always go to Bite Beauty if you want multi sticks lipsticks, they always have the best. These lipsticks have one side a matte lipstick, and the other side is a metal. I swatched them and I’m pretty sure that the metal side is pigmented enough to wear alone. They’re all really pretty and I’m also excited to try these out.


Just like the rest of the products I showed you guys, this one I have been wanting for ages now. I was about to get one this Summer, but I still wasn’t the best at makeup, and didn’t know how to use it. But now that I am educated (aka watching 2748472 Instagram makeup tutorials) I’m able to know the multiple ways to use this. (Mix it in with your foundation, or drip it across your cheekbones for a highlighter, but make sure to set it.)

Enhancer Drops




As you can tell, I was very excited about this last product. I took multiple, multiple pictures because I was very excited about this. Look at how big this palette is, and the packaging is adorable. Always trust Too Faced with the cutest packaging. Oh and by the way, it smells like chocolate, just like the rest of their palettes. (Except the peach, that one smells amazing)



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