Things That Changed My Life


Okay, I might be exaggerating too much on the title. The things that I’m going to show you guys are definitely things that improved my life, maybe not in a really major way, but a more simpler way.


Glasses. Okay so story time, one day my family and I were on a road trip and we were just messing around. My dad told me to close one of my eyes and try to read one of the signs from outside, it was blurry. That was in August, and ever since I started wearing contacts and glasses, my life took a 180 degree turn. Although I barely wear my contacts, I can see a major difference when I wear them and when I don’t.



I didn’t know lash primer was even a thing, until one day at Sephora the cashier person told me that I had enough points to get this lash primer. My eyelashes have never looked so beautiful. It’s basically white mascara, it creates an illusion of longer and fuller lashes when you apply your regular mascara. I use it with the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and it completes the makeup look amazingly. If you don’t feel like spending money or points on this, I’ve heard that white translucent power works fine as well.



I have talked about this brush a few blog posts ago, and I still feel like I need to talk more about it. If you are looking for brushes to really improve your eyeshadow looks, then get this brush, or something similar. This is a crease brush, a more stiff kind of brush, not fluffy. This is perfect to create more depth for your crease, and to concentrate more color there. The one I have is from Sephora, and it works perfectly. Although, when cleaning it be more gentle because it may flare out the bristles and ruin the whole point of this brush.



Again, I have mentioned this primer more than once on my blog. I sadly finished this primer, definitely my favorite. You could either wear this alone or under any eyeshadow, it makes the color pop and makes it last longer than usual. If you want to know more about it, then check out my Lid Primer Battle.

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