Favorite Lippies (2)


I decided to do another favorite lip products post because why not? You can never have too many favorite lippies. Two of them I have mentioned before that I really liked them, one of them is a new addition, and the last one I got like 3 years ago and never wore it.



The first one is a lip gloss, and I have talked about this lip gloss countless times. This is the Tara by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The consistency is amazing, and the quality is beyond amazing. It’s very comfortable, so you don’t need to worry about your hair constantly getting stuck to it. I never really like lip glosses, but the ones from Anastasia are to die for. I really like this shade because it is a very neutral shade, for me, it’s an everyday shade. I could wear this color for any look and it will complete the whole look. I definitely recommend.



If you have read my latest post, you would know that my favorite lip kit by Kylie is most definitely Posie K. I am a sucker for dark colors, and this is literally the perfect shade for dark pink. It’s not too dark or too pink, just perfect. This is my go to matte lipstick, in my opinion, I think it matches every look perfectly. But that always depends on what you like and what you don’t like.



I recently just got this metal matte by Kylie, and I am already obsessed. Very similar to her other lip kits, except this one is more creamier (if that makes sense at all). Comparing it to her other lip kits, this one doesn’t feel to dry on your lips. Her other lip kits is sometimes too uncomfortable to wear because of how dry it gets, but this one is perfect. It also lasts through the whole day, even when eating and drinking. I got the shade ‘Reign’ which I think is the best compared to the other two metals.



I bought this Sephora lipstick 3 or 4 years ago, when my I was somewhat interested in makeup but that faded quickly after a few days now. (wow look at me now) While writing this I realized that it is somewhat similar to Posie K, except a bit lighter. They both have somewhat the same pink shade, and they’re both matte. i really like this lipstick because it’s very comfortable to wear, sometimes I forget that I’m even wearing it. Although, if you put more than one layer then when you rub your lips together, it will start to create clumps and everything’s a mess. So only put one layer, cause then you’re good to go.


20 thoughts on “Favorite Lippies (2)

  1. I’ve been going back and fourth with getting some of the Kylie lip products. Have you ever tried the Color Pop products? I’ve heard they are super similar.

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