My Opinion On Urban Decay


If you have been following me on here and on Instagram (@thechicommunity) for the last few weeks, you would know that I have very mixed feelings about Urban Decay. There are days where I love it so much to the point where I just use it like crazy, and there are days where I’m like eh.


I guess you could say that I’m a little late on the Naked palette trend train, my mom gave them to me recently since she doesn’t really use them. I was having really high expectations for these palettes because of the amount of love that these palettes have received. I’m not trying to say that these palettes suck and you shouldn’t buy them, I just recommend you buying another high end brand like Anastasia Beverly Hills to spend your money on other than Urban Decay.


I still use these palettes, I mean look at how gorgeous they all look. The colors are to do die for, and the packaging is perfect for decor. The brushes are amazing, the simplicity of them makes it so much better, and the amount of shades there are on one palette makes your money worth it.



The only thing that really disappoints me with Urban Decay palettes is the amount of the product gets picked up by the brush. I have mentioned the Moondust palette for ages now, but I just wanted to get something across. I thought at first that the Moondust palette was the only palette where I either had to use my fingers to really get the product on to my lid, or drown my brush with setting spray, but apparently all Urban Decay’s palettes are like that.

I am not the only one that thinks that, there are multiple reviews that talk about how the brush doesn’t really pick up the product, so it’s not my brush’s fault. But all in all, I still support Urban Decay all the way, and would buy their products and hopefully expect good results.

27 thoughts on “My Opinion On Urban Decay

  1. I don’t own a single UD palette! I have a few of their eye shadows in single form and I don’t think the formula is AMAZING. They’re ok. They tend to fade on my lids (I wear primers and bases). And then I tried their Naked concealer and omg, that thing is horrible! Just AWFUL. Their 24/7 doesn’t do it for me either. But, I do like the one lipstick I got from them. So yeah, hit and miss.
    Overall, I just don’t gravitate toward UD all that much.

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  2. i own naked palettes 1 through 3 and i totally agree with your statement that you should buy an ABH palette instead…ABH palettes are such better quality it’s crazy! Naked is okay and does have many colors in the palette but it’s an overall meh.

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  3. I feel like I’ve had a lot of good palettes or at least a good majority of shades from my UD palettes. I’ve found most of the shades were buttery and smooth, and I fell in love with the formula when I first purchased my Electric Palette (my first UD product ever). I have a lot of colorful UD palettes in the normal formula (the Vice range, Electric, Smoked, and Ammo Palettes, the Shadow Box), and have never tried the Naked range, which may have something to do with it. Aside from very glittery shades that needed to be applied wet, all the kickback problems I’ve had, had to do with the brush I use, so you might want to play around with other brushes.

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    • Yeah I’ve never had the greatest experience with Urban Decay especially pigmentation wise but I still buy their products in hoping to change my opinion about them! I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about UD Heat palette so hopefully it won’t disappoint! Thank you for reading. xxx

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