Stuff Empties


I was going to title this post “Product Empties” or “Monthly Empties”, but first of all, not all of these empties are products, and second of all, these took me months and months to empty them. You can’t blame me, I buy something, a week later I buy something else and I neglect the first thing, so it takes a while.


I’m going to start of this blog post with this amazing scented body wash, or shower gel, by Soap and Glory. If you have not tried out any of Soap and Glory products, then what are you doing? They’re super affordable and the packaging is cute, gives of these 70’s or 90’s vibes which I’m obsessed with. This shower gel specifically smells amazing, the lime scent really wakes you up and gets you ready for the day. Although I am a night showerer (is that a thing?), this really “calms” me down from all the stressful assignments I get from my teachers.

I’m pretty sure they all get together and plan to give us ten tests, 2 projects, and 5 essays that are all due the next day.

Sugar Crush Body Wash


I am not even going to talk about these wipes anymore, I have talked about them way too much in the past few weeks. Links to the blog post:

How I Remove My Makeup

Take of Your Face For The Day



Next up is my all time favorite liquid lipstick by Kat Von D in the shade ‘Lolita’. As you can see this is a sample size because it came in a set along with other beauty brands. I think the reason I’m in love with this shade is because you can wear it everyday, it’s not too dark or too light, it’s perfect. I had to get a restock on it because #obsessed.




Last product for this post is one of my favorite makeup products in the whole wide world. Milk Cosmetics is such an interesting brand with all their interesting products, they have eyeliner in the shape of a highlighter. (Should I write a blog post about that?) Ad you can see it says it’s concealer, but I may have accidentally gotten a shade that is super similar to my skin, you know how concealers are supposed to be a shade or two lighter than your skin, well that totally slipped my mind. I used it as a foundation stick and it was amazing.

It is an oily product so you HAVE to set it with powder because your face will get super oily, especially if you have oily skin. I tried it once without setting it and it was not a pleasant look.

BTW, I’m in the shade ‘Medium Tan’.

MILK Cosmetics Concealer

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