How I Remove My Makeup


I think we can all agree that removing our makeup can be a hassle right? We’re all just too lazy and we just want to wipe it off carelessly and jump straight into bed. We regret these decisions immediately when pimples start to show up on our skin a few days later. I’ve been using this routine for a week or so now and my skin has never felt so amazing.


Johson’s face care makeup wipes are my go to makeup wipes, I explained these wipes in detail on my Take Of Your Face For The Day. But these makeup wipes are amazing, I don’t really recommend these to sensitive skin type people because it does tend to burn, but it removes your makeup throughly.


Yes, I use another makeup wipe in my routine. But these makeup are much softer for the skin, I use Garnier wipes mostly to get rid of any access foundation around my hairline or neck that I may have missed earlier. (We don’t want foundation streaks all over our white pillows now).



I have been obsessed with this face wash recently, it just leaves my skin refreshed after a day of baked face makeup. (What?) This is good enough to use daily, even though its an exfoliant face wash. Exfoliant face wash are much rather to be used twice or thrice a week, but the bottle says its perfectly fine for daily. There are these tiny exfoliants that are soft yet rough to the skin, it feels like it’s removing all the gunk from your face.

Philosophy – Ulta Beauty



I barely moisturize my face, mostly because my skin is oily and my face isn’t need of moisturizing in this heat in Kuwait anytime soon. But after using two brands of makeup wipes and an exfoliant face wash, I think it’s the perfect time to use it. This Nivea Moisturizer is super thick, so if you’re more into lightweight, then this isn’t for you. It does really moisturize your face for days, but I use it almost everyday because I love it so much.

Nivea Moisturizer



Last but certainly not least, is my all time essential Anti-Spot Gel by Clean and Clear. I have talked about this more than 50 times on this blog, and I will never stop. I swear by this product, gets rid of your pimples in two days, I just love it. I highly recommend it to everyone, you will love it.

Clean&Clear Anti Spot Gel


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