Josie Maran Who?


You know when Sephora sends you emails and they’re like, “Oh hey we just released this thing that you should waste $200 on”. Yeah, these masks were one of those items in the email. But I can say that these masks are definitely worth every penny, like no joke. I sometimes use it before school, after school, (wish I could say during school) and before I go to sleep. So without further ado, let’s just jump into this post.


So as you can see from the first picture, they come in a set of 5. I read a review about them a month ago, (not going to say who it was) but they were like, “Oh they’re all the same thing like there’s no difference between them.” And I believed them, I was like well that sucks. So I unbox these masks, and they’re all different. I guess you could say that they all have different scents, and in the box they tell you, use Lavender when you’re having a bad day, or Sweet Citrus when you’re feeling good about yourself.


These are the other three masks (going in clockwise) Cucumber Aloe, Sweet Basil Mint, and Vanilla Apricot.They all literally smell amazing, they smell exactly what their name is. For example, Cucumber Aloe smells like cucumbers, but in a good / fresh way. Oh the best part about these masks is that you keep them on for like 5-10 minutes, just like that. The first two minutes it won’t feel like anything and then all of a sudden, your skin feels like it’s tightening up which is a good thing. Usually when masks do that I’m like, yup you’re doing your job right.



Before I end this post, I just wanted to briefly talk about this brush and the towel. The only reason why I didn’t like mud masks because I was too lazy to spread it on my face with my hands and whatnot. I know that there were brushes but I was just too lazy, until I spotted the Bare Minerals mask brush at Ulta. I saw some people use it for their foundation, which is understanding because it picks up more than enough product for your face. I don’t really use that towel much, I just like to keep it their for some reason.

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Josie Maran Whipped Mud Masks


21 thoughts on “Josie Maran Who?

  1. Always so gutted it’s not easy access to Sephora in the UK without massive customs charges 😦 is it exccessive to plan a holiday to NY just for Sephora…

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