September Loves


“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.”

“It’s October 3rd.”

Currently writing this post on the third even though once I publish this post, it would have been the fourth already. But anyway, yes it’s finally October, which means September is over. But the best part is that we get to all share what we loved throughout the month, so without further ado, let’s jump right into this post.



I’m going to be honest here (like always), the only reason why I bought this perfume was because Ariana Grande made it. (I didn’t care whether I liked it or not.) I was a huge and hardcore fan, like no joke. But after 6 years, I finally realized that I needed to get a life. So then this blog came to life and I regret nothing. Even though I stopped “supporting” her, I still can’t get over her perfumes. I have purchased the Sweet Like Candy one, but Ari by Ariana Grande definitely slays them all.


Now for the famous Lokai Bracelets, yes I caved in and got me one. Even though there is really nothing special about it, I think the whole idea about it is pretty interesting. I have been wearing it for the past month like crazy, I only took it off when I needed to take a shower. It kind of acts like a distraction because I always tend to take it off and play with it or I will constantly switch it between wrists.



Next up is something that I never thought I would put in my blog, let alone a monthly favorite post. In the begging, I used to hate this mascara. I always saw that it made no difference to my eyelashes and I always blamed the “bristles”. Now, I realize that it’s Roller Lash, which probably means that it’s best applied once you have curled your eyelashes. I do not plan on doing that anytime soon because, I’m too terrified. After a while, I started using it along with the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and thought that these two together gave out the best result. So now, it’s my second favorite mascara.




When I say that this eye shadow brush changed my makeup completely, I mean that it changed my makeup look completely. I bought this brush but never really used it, how can I use this brush for my crease? It was too… stiff and weird looking. So I always opted for the more “fluffier” brush to blend in my transition colors and what not. But once I figured out how to properly use it, my makeup looked ten times better. Even my mom one day came up to me and said, “Your makeup has all of a sudden got much better.” And all thanks to this brush, it made my eyeshadow look like I had two colors, and they weren’t all  blended together creating a weird mixed color look.




I may have talked about this palette a little too much on my blog and on my Instagram (@thechicommunity), but I just can’t seem to stop reaching out for it. This is my one and only Anastasia Glow Kit, I would go out and buy all of them but here back home, we have nothing. Nada. Only a brush or two by Bare Minerals. So that’s why when I’m traveling I tend to buy anything and everything from Sephora. Moving on, I have been using this palette for my highlight for the past month and it’s just amazing. I don’t just use one color, no, I use all of them. I take my fan brush and just start swirling it in all the shade, then brushing it on my nose, cheek bones (like I have any) and my cupid’s bow. Then, I’m good to go.

16 thoughts on “September Loves

  1. That perfume bottle is so old school, it’s nice. I’ve not smelled it… I’m no Ariana Grande fan though.
    I’ve been wanting a Lokai Bracelet ever since I saw it on a blog. I wanted to cut it open like people have done to see if there’s water / dirt inside, lol! Where did you buy yours?

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