Take of Your Face For The Day


When we look for makeup wipes, we tend to go towards the one that removes our makeup easily, not too harsh on our skin, and  just basically removes our makeup the fastest way possible. I have tested out three different makeup wipes from different brands and I have the results for the one that reached my expectations, and which one I prefer depending on skin types.



I’m going to start off with the my go to makeup wipes. Johnson’s Face Care is always the wipes I tend to buy when I’m traveling or when I’m in serious need of it, I realized that I reach out to it more than other makeup wipes that I have ever owned. These wipes are directed to the people that don’t have sensitive skin, but if you have sensitive skin,  then I highly don’t recommend these at all. The reason why I say this because, for example, I knew what makeup wipes my mom was talking about when she said that it left off a burning sensation on her skin (she has sensitive). But all in all, if you can bear the burning sensation then try them out. It really does remove your makeup throughly and it leaves your face feeling clean.



The next brand is Garnier, I have used these makeup wipes for some time now and I keep having mixed feelings about it. Some days I would use 2-3 makeup wipes to remove my makeup throughly, and other days I would use around 20. So I can’t guarantee whether or not I like these wipes. But despite all that,  what I can say is that it’s the complete opposite of Johnson’s makeup wipes. Instead of the makeup wipe being very harsh to your skin, this one is much more softer. If you are the type of person that put’s a thousand layers of mascara, and you use products for your water line then I don’t recommend using these wipes at all. It will take you a while to remove your makeup.



Last but certainly not least are Nivea makeup wipes. I’m going to be honest with you and say that I have tried these wipes for a week or so. No more than that. But within that week, I have come to the conclusion that these makeup wipes are a mix between Johnson’s and Garneir. For the Johnson’s side, the Nivea wipes remove your makeup throughly, but is not harsh at all, just like Garnier. Let’s say if Johnson’s and Garnier made a baby, the outcome would be Nivea. So if you found a liking for the first two brands, then Nivea is your type of makeup wipes.



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