A Kawaii Haul


An important warning before continuing on, all these items will make you die out of cuteness, hence the title ‘A Kawaii Haul.’

My cousins were so thoughtful and amazing that they got me more than enough “souvenirs” from Europe. So without further ado, let’s just see what they got me.


Okay so first up is this cute ‘Dat Pout’ pouch, perfect for storing in makeup or honestly anything, it is big so it has more than enough room available.



The first two pencils are to die for, now whenever I write with them I feel like a queen. No but seriously, look at how amazing and details those crowns are! And that bunny pen, life is so much better with it.

The pencils have a matte finish to the “packaging” while the pen has a more glossy finish to it’s “packaging”.



This may seem like the most childest thing in the world, but look at that pepsi cup! The packaging is beyond cute, it’s a tubber ware like that stores in all these erasers. Yes, they are erasers and they’re to die for.



Another box filled with erasers, how can erasers be so cute? These are as you can tell, are shaped as doughnuts. And if you had these in Middle School, you would remember that you can take them apart and replace them and all that fun stuff.



As a teenager that grew up with emojis, these are definitely something I need in my life. Look at these sticky notes or tabs, you can literally stick them anywhere and the emoji will explain what you were feeling with that phrase. Basically like texting.




This tangle teaser though, and the best part is is that it smells like peaches! The smells is literally out of this world and look at how cute and “kawaii” it is. It’s so cute and simple and smells amazing.



You cannot disagree with me when I tell you that this is the cutest compact mirror in the world. For a person that’s not a huge fan of cats, I am deeply in love with this compact mirror. It’s not that small but the perfect size to stuff it in your purse or bag.



I just realized that this lip balm matches with the compact mirror and things just got cuter 10 more times. I think these lip balms are the most adorable lip balms to ever exist, I think they are the rulers of the EOS lip balms. I’m not sure that they’re by EOS but they look like it.


For the last thing, it has to be a makeup product. I mean, this is a beauty blog amirit? I don’t really know where they say the brand of this lipstick but I definitely recommend it. It has such a plum and beautiful color for an everyday lip colors. I posted this on my Instagram first so if you want to check it out, @thechicommunity

The packaging is definitely different, I would love it to be all of it silver, but yet again, that’s what makes it unique.

I decided that I would keep this post short and simple and just filled with pictures so you can enjoy. Sorry if I overused the word “cute”.

37 thoughts on “A Kawaii Haul

  1. so…
    I am a harajuku and kawaii fan and im having thousands of kawaii thing for x-mas. are they cheap?
    i want to do a haul in my blog called irokadesu so… thanks!

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