The Glow Princess


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with highlighters or illuminators. And whenever I get new highlighters, I am quick to try them on. I would walk past a mirror and say to myself, “Damn girl that highlight though.”, and this is what my goal is when buying a new highlighter. So in this post, I’ll be showing you highlighters that really just exceed my high expectations.



The first palette is the Becca X Jaclyn Hill highlighter palette I guess, I have been talking about this palette on here and Instagram for the past two months. I was just filled with joy when I got it, I was the happiest person on Earth. These colors are super pigmented, you just need one swoosh of this on your cheekbones and you are good to go. And y’all know I’m a sucker for packaging, I like the packaging for this palette but I feel like it’s too bulky and hard to carry around.

(I would link this product but it is currently unavailable, I think it was a limited edition. I am not a 100% sure.)



This was the first highlighter that I ever bought. The first time I tried it out, I didn’t really like it. The brush was just not picking up the product and it definitely disappointed me because I heard a lot of great reviews about it. I used a different brush for the last two weeks and all the disappointments just washed away. I use these two colors also as an eyeshadow, the pigmentations is amazing and your can never have enough on your face.

Too Faced Candlelight Glow



And now for the famous Anastasia Glow Kits, this was my first time ever purchasing an Anastasia Glow Kit and now I just want to buy all of them. This glow kit is called Sun Dipped, and although the highlighters have a warm undertone to it, they still shine bright like a diamond under the sun or any light. Pigmentations is unbelievable and packaging is great if you want to carry it around, super thin and simple. I’ve been eyeing the Moonchild palette, and it is just so gorgeous like I need it in my life.

Sun Dipped Glow Kit ABH



Best for last is the Laura Mercier illuminator, I have talked about this highlighter in my July Favorites post if you want to check that out. Guys, let’s just take a moment and look at the highlighter itself, it is just too gorgeous to use. This is in the shade ‘Addiction’, there were four shades but most of them were sold out in Sephora, I got the last one. Pigmentation, like always is pretty phenomenal and packaging is simple and elegant.

Laura Mercier Illuminator ‘Addiction’


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