Origins Review


After a month, I finally have some good thoughts and positive results from these products. In July, I did some damage in Origins, there are masks that I love and hate, but all of these products turned out amazing and they are definitely ones you need to try out.



In my Origins Haul, I told you guys that this hair mask caught my attention because of how long you need to leave it in your hair, you only need to leave it in for 2 minutes. Um, yes please. When I tried it out for the first time, I just squeezed once and only a small amount of product came out. I have very thick and long hair so I knew that this amount of product ain’t going to do anything. So I squeezed around 3 to 5 squeezes (that sounds weird) onto my hand and started running it through my hair. You only need to use this once a week because this stuff will leave your hair feeling amazing for a week or two. I didn’t need to worry about finishing the bottle in a month, this will definitely last me for a few more months.

Calm To Your Senses Hair Mask 5/5



Now you might be wondering, why do I have close ups of this product. Well, camera does no justice but this face wash is literally silver. It had that metallic/silvery look to it, and I was in shock. But anyway, let me tell you how this feels on my skin. This stuff is great if you have sensitive skin, I personally like face washes that have scrubs or exfoliants because these tend to get rid of the gunk on my face better. But this is great if you want to wash your face but your face is clean, because this has a very soothing creamy texture to it which feels amazing. It’s definitely not a light weight product it’s very thick which I think is what makes it unique.

Frothy Face Wash 3.5/5



I am a sucker for eye creams, I just don’t know why. My eyes feel amazing after I have “massaged” in my eye cream, so when I came across this eye cream that helps to minimize dark circles, I quickly threw it into my basket. At first I was in shock, it had a mustardy color to it and I’m used to an off-white. Anyway, the second I tried to get some of the product, it felt very jelly like. The saying “A little goes a long way” does apply to this product. I honestly don’t know if this is working or not but it feels great when I have it on so I’m still going to be using it.

Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimizer 3/5

*As I’m writing this post I realized that one of the products in the first picture was not an Origins product, but I will be writing a separate blog post about that because I love that product.*

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