Too Faced Mascara Battle


Finding the perfect mascara can be exhausting. There are different mascaras with promising results and cute packaging that you just don’t know what to choose. If you are familiar with Too Faced, you would know that their packaging is to die for. I have heard great reviews and opinions from Too Faced mascaras, that I decided on getting two. A lot of people have talked about Better Than Sex mascara, but nobody actually talks about the Size Queen mascara. That’s what this post is about, so let’s just get into it.



Going to start of this battle post with the well known Better Than Sex mascara, great compliments and opinions go out to this mascara. It’s actually one of my first mascaras that I have ever bought. The first time I tried it on, I was instantly in love. Just one coat of this mascara and you’re good to go. I don’t even use an eyelash curler and this mascara does just as great.

Several coats of this, you will start to feel it and get annoyed by it. It would feel very heavy weighted, and you just want to take it off. So I recommend just putting on one to two coats. The packaging is super cute, I would probably save the bottle if I ran out to use it for decoration. The wand itself it pretty interesting. The “applicator” I guess you could say is in an hour glass shape. Which I think is why it’s giving out such wonderful results.



Strolling through Sephora, looking for anything new when this mascara caught my eye. We all want beautiful long lashes, and the name Size Queen just caught my attention. I twist the bottle to check the wand and I was shocked. The wand was just the most biggest mascara I have ever seen in my life. I run across Sephora and straight to my mom and I’m like, “You need to check this out.” I honestly had to get it to share it with you guys and even the packaging is super cute.

The wand is a bit different, at the top it starts in a more small wide circles but then it starts getting wider and wider till the end. This shape is really what makes it so unique, and the same goes about this mascara with the Better Than Sex. Just one or two coats of this is perfect. I think both mascaras have very similar results but Size Queen separates your eyelashes more. BTS makes your eyelashes look more natural and the Size Queen shows of your eyelashes a bit more.

I would recommend, for starters, the Better Than Sex mascara. It gives of a more natural look which I think a lot of artists try to go for for an everyday makeup look. But if you want something more on the bam chicka pow, then Size Queen is your new holy grail.

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