Testing New Waters with L’Occitane


I’m not actually going to be reviewing about different waters that I have tested, although that would be a pretty interesting review. Moving on, I was on the hunt looking for new facial cleansers, specifically exfoliants when I bumped into the store L’Occitane. I never took a stroll in there because I was never interested, it wasn’t a brand that every body liked or freaked out about. But my face was desperate and I decided to go in.

All the different products and the scents blew my mind away, the scents varied from citrusy lemons to lavenders, I just didn’t know where to look. A lovely employee gave me a tour around the store, and showed me some of their best selling products. I was looking around and saw this lovely gem, “Exfoliant Lumière Minute” I asked the employee about it and she said that this exfoliant helps to get rid of all the dead cells and the nasty gunk out of your face, while also brightening it up. Does that not sound promising? I was hooked.


The back says that this should be used twice a week, avoiding the eye contour area but working it way down your neck. I squeezed some onto my hand and the texture isn’t like your average exfoliant. It has those tiny scrubs to help fully clean but at the same time they’re not too harsh on the face. It isn’t super creamy to the point where you’re asking yourself, “Is this thing even working?” and checking your face to see if it did anything. This exfoliant has a mixture of both. Scrubs to get rid of the gunk on your face, but creamy to make your skin feel smooth.

The color is an off white with an undertone of blue to it. It smells like a clean smell, the smell that makes you think, ‘Yup this will do it’s job.’ The packaging is super simple which is great for just popping it in your bag for when you’re traveling since it’s under the 100 mL point. (75 mL)

This worked pretty great on me, but not to the point where all my blackheads are magically gone. My face was much better because it got rid of all the oils and dirt from those long days. I would probably buy it when I’m traveling because it’s super simple and does not take up a lot of space in my bag.


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