New Lips – Anastasia & Kat Von D

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*Moment of realization that I’ve been buying the same two shades in every brand name.*

I feel like glosses are slowly starting to become a trend now, liquid matte lipsticks are still trending but I’ve realized that more people are starting to wear glosses more. I’ve been personally loving the Anastasia ones because their formulas are super smooth and very easy to apply.

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This Anastasia lip gloss is in the shade “Tara“, it has a warm brown color which I think is the perfect color for an everyday look. If you are familiar with the Kylie Lip Kits and their smell, then you would know that these have the exact same smell. Smells like heavy vanilla, in a good way. This gloss is not sticky or anything (like the MAC or any other glosses). They have a very matte shine, it’s not too shiny but it is shiny. And one coat of this and you’re good to go.

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I would describe this gloss as a metal gloss, because it looks like it is metal. This Anastasia lip gloss is in the shade “Warm Bronze“, it also is a brown color but more in the orangey side. It has that orange undertone to it. This is perfect if you’re not trying to hard on your eye makeup and you want the focus just on your lips. This one has a more shiny finish since it is a shimmer lip gloss.

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I decided on getting more liquid lipsticks because why not? And besides, I needed to restock on my Lolita. As I was there, I saw “Lolita II” and I swatched it on my hand, it reminds me of the Smashbox “Driver’s Seat”. It a brown color and has an orange undertone to it. It dries up pretty fast, but does not crack as much as other matte liquid lipsticks. The formula is phenomenal, it glides on very easily and smoothly.

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I had the sample size “Lolita” and I fell in love the first time I tried it on. Just like “Tara” from Anastasia, “Lolita” is perfect for an everyday look. It is a brown color with a hint of purple. Personally for me, I love dark shades but I can never rock them, and I think this shade perfectly replaces all the dark shades that I can’t seem to rock. It goes amazing with my tanned skin.

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