Vacation Edition: What’s In My Purse?


If I’m being totally honest, I always have random knick knacks in my purse almost everyday, that could be from receipts to candy wrappers. But who am I to blame? I cleaned out my purse and left the things that I always need.

I have received multiple compliments for my purse, either they love the style or the fringes so I wanted to share what designer this bag is. This is a Stella Mccartney purse, I have had it for quite some time now, still in good condition and shape. Even though it is quite small, it fits almost everything I need.

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I can never go anywhere without my wallet, sometimes we would be driving around and would end up in a plaza. My parents would ask if I wanted to go and shop but I can’t, number one, I don’t have my cards with me. I like to pay for myself, especially when signing I just feel so much older. Number two, I have to have my member ID’s.

I got my wallet two to three years ago for my birthday, it’s Prada (If you couldn’t tell already) and it’s camo. I have also received a lot of lovely comments for my wallet and it always makes me so happy.

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I need my travel size perfumes, or as my brain likes to say, “Portable Perfumes”. These are such an essential if you love going to restaurants, because I almost always leave the restaurant smelling like I was cooking the food. A few sprays of this and I’m good to go.

I get my “Portable Perfumes” from Victoria’s Secret. They have a ton of amazing scents and great deals for them too. This scent is called Exotic. You know that I live for packaging, and this one is definitely a 10/10.

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If you’re in a car with two screaming brothers, then you need ear or head phones. I do not recommend getting from Target because quality does not reach my expectations. I still stick with them anyway because I only use them for the car.

I use these from listening to my friend’s weird voice messages, to watching fail Instagram videos. (I’m addicted.) Speaking of Instagram, make sure you go and follow me on there, currently trying to fix my feed and theme so don’t mind the mess. (@thechicommunity)

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Cold or no cold, I have to carry around some lip balm(s). I carry around two because why not, one for the sun (It has SPF 50) and the EOS lip balm. In my opinion I think the stick ones work way better than the original ball ones.

I got the one with the SPF 50 from Anthropologie, and the EOS from Target. (My home). I was mindlessly putting on 50 layers of the EOS lip balm, total waste, don’t do that.

That is it for today’s post, hope you have a great Sunday and I’ll see you on Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “Vacation Edition: What’s In My Purse?

  1. I’ve been wanting to try that supergoop lip balm but I have SOOOO many in my collection right now. I can totally relate to always having random things in my purse. I’ll sometimes have anywhere from 5-7 products in my purse and I’m just like whoaaaaa how did this happen?!

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