Product Empties

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I have not been posting as much lately because, well it’s not a great excuse but I have been catching up on Modern Family, figuring out dates for New Girl season 6 (September 20) and trying to catch up on Baby Daddy. (Finished season 2 five minutes ago) And plus I have a stupid summer assignment for my AP class, so woop te doo. Enough rambling let’s go on to the post.

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3/4 of these products I have bought about 20 times, and the 4th one I have tried and I loved it. First up is the Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes, I have talked about this in my Lazy Skincare Routine and it’s pretty convenient. They’re basically small wipes that do the job for you when you’re lazy. Get rid of makeup or excess oils. Definitely buying this again.

Next up is the Secret Deodorant, I have been using this specific one for about two or three years now. I especially like the clear gel one because it’s annoying when you look at the sides of your shirt and there are white stains. So these are pretty good. Definitely buying this again.

Third thing is the Neutrogena face wash in grapefruit. If you are the oily skin type then try this out for a simple not complicated skincare routine. It does the job of getting rid of the excess oils, but not a huge fan of the scent. Since it’s good for oily skin, then obviously it’s oil free. Definitely buying this again.

Lastly is the sample sized body wash from Soap and Glory, Clean on Me. I have talked about this in a previous post, Soap and Glory Review so I won’t be talking about it as much. If I were to see this product, I would buy it, but I won’t look for it.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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