Favorite Perfumes


There are fragrances that smell amazing and you can’t choose on which one to get, and then there are perfumes where they just smell.. too much. I don’t know about you but I hate fragrances that smell like sweet candy or very sweet strawberry, I’m more into vanilla and a really soft sweet smell (Like not those really strong ones) Anyway, these are my 4 top favorites perfumes of all time.

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Okay so the first two are Ari by Ariana Grande and Chanel Chance, these two smell amazing. They both smell like fruits and floral, so if you are into that you should definitely try them out. The Ari one smells more like marshmallow and a little bit of sweet, but not too much. The Chance smells more on the feminine side, it’s way more softer and lighter.

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The last two are Gilly Hicks Point Piper and Aeropostale Sugar Rush, they’re both very elegant and simple. Gilly Hicks is very simple and elegant, it’s great for the beach, and it has a fruity scent as well, but fresh not the artificial ones. The Sugar Rush does smell like one of those perfumes when it’s just a bit too sweet but it’s amazing. It’s very girly, flowery, and fruity.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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