How To Survive Summer | Summer Hacks

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Summer can be really tough. Personally, I get very lazy during the Summer and I just want to sleep in. I get really lazy and I just want someone to do everything for me, so I have these few hacks that will make anyone’s life easier.

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Hang your sunglasses! This is such an amazing life hack, because not only is it easy to access your sunglasses, but also it’s great for room decor. I suggest you make sure that the sunglasses are “holding” on tight to the hanger so they won’t fall off in the middle of the night and scare you to death.

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Sometimes, I just want to stick my face in a fan and sit in front of it for hours. A more easier way and more realistic way of solving over heat problems, is to just spray you rface with mist water. This is just like water in water bottles, but one you spray it, it just feels a thousand times better. It’s feels your face feeling cool.

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Do not leave your nail polish exposed to the heat. Make sure you keep them in a cool place, because bubbles will start to form in your nail polish and it’s going to be all dry, it’s a nightmare. So I suggest putting them in the fridge or some area cool.

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This last one, I feel like every single youtuber has talked about this. If you have some stinky shoes, and you don’t want to throw them away or you don’t feel like taking them to the cleaners to wash them, then just put a tea bag in your shoe. This will help to get rid of the odor. That does not mean your shoe is going to smell amazing, it’s going to smell “neutral”.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. All the love.

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