3 Ways To: Organize Your Lipsticks


welcome back to 3 ways to where every sunday i post a 3 ways to. previous 3 ways to was all about organizing your necklaces. check it out if you haven’t so already. for this post, it’s all about sorting your lipsticks.


so this first one is my favorite. it is a clear box, that’s divided into smaller boxes to store in all your lipsticks. i got this from amazon, there are multiple different sizes. what i like about it is that it’s showcasing your lipsticks. a lot of my lipsticks packaging are very beautiful, and i really want to show it off, so i think this is the best thing ever. it’s easy access as well.


if you are not a big fan of showing off your lipsticks, or you have no place to put them, just put them in a bag. it is as simple as that. you could get really cute bags, for example, i got this from henri bendel. i just put whatever in it and store it in a closet or a basket.


the simplest and cheapest way ever, is storing them in those ikea boxes. they’re very simple, and easy to use. i use this only for lip glosses or key chains. i would just throw these boxes in a drawer and i’m good to go.

how do you store your lipsticks? thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

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