Beauty Blogger Tag 2


today i’m going to do the beauty blogger tag, i have been nominated by the pineapple tart to do this tag. if you haven’t already checked out her blog, make sure to do so because it is beyond amazing.


what is your favorite makeup product ever?

lipsticks all the way, usually from lime crime or bare minerals or bite.

what makeup products do you splurge on?

lipsticks all the way.

whats your favorite perfume?

the chanel chance perfume, it’s so beautiful.

do you have a quick makeup tip?

not really, sorry. 😦

whats your go to shampoo and conditioner?

l’oreal, literally anything from that brand is perfect for me.

where do you like to shop?

henri bendel, it has everything you need.

must have moisturizer?

clean and clear dual action.

whats your favorite tv program?

new girl or modern family.

do you have a passion?

at the moment no, i’m still looking though.

tell me something random about yourself?

i’m really into vampires and shadowhunters.

bloggers i nominate are:






questions for you guys:

whats is one thing you cant live without?

favorite tv show?

favorite makeup brand?

eyelash extensions or hair extensions?

are you a visual learner?

when did you start your blog?

headphones or earphones?

what is one place you would love to go to in summer?

describe your style.

your favorite purse?






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