After School Routine


!please read till the end, i have some special news!

i didn’t really think i would do a post on my routines, but i did promise you guys i will create a blog post just focusing on my routines (this post). today’s post is going to focus on my after school routine. this routine is where usually i will write up all my blog posts, and schedule them so i don’t need to worry about posting on time.

the first thing i do is change out of my school uniform, and into something more comfortable. i usually just wear a sweater and a pair of leggings. my closet is a mess, i try to organize it. but the next week, it’s a mess again.


then i’ll get out my laptop, and start to think on what blog posts, or just to think on some ideas. i usually have my blog posts all written down in my planner. which really helps, and i’ll have all my blog post ideas in my sweet nothing notebook.


this is how my planner looks like, i like to post two times a day, but i haven’t been doing that for the past few days. i sometimes like to change around my posts. as you can see, i’m supposed to upload this post on a saturday, but i decided to post this on thursday.


once i know what i’m posting for the day, i will get all the stuff i need to take pictures. usually the objects lay around these shelves (there are extra 10 more of these shelves).


then i’ll go back to my bed, and start writing. just non stop writing. i’ll open up either youtube or some tv shows (new girl or modern family) and start watching while i’m typing.

i know this seems like a behind the scenes of a blog post, but that’s what my after school routine is. i’ll just go downstairs and eat, then back up stairs to our study room and do my homework.

i’ll do a next post on my night time routine, to continue on to this blog post. btw, my birthday is today! my mom’s present was changing this blog into a .com! i am such a happy person, i’m really excited for the future with this blog. if you want a birthday haul, just comment down below. thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.



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